WRACK ZONE: ALECC 2018 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada June 20-23

ALECC 2018 Preliminary Conference Schedule

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Time Description
7:00-8:30 Opening Keynote
Rosemary-Claire Collard and Jacinda Mack.
Moderator: Norah Bowman
Fraser 159

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Time Creations - Fraser 152 Ecocriticisms - Fraser 158 Deliberations - Fraser 159
8:30-10:00 Poetics of Resilience, Responsibility, and Resistance
Moderator: Alexandra Campbell
  • Kaitlin Blanchard, "Disaster's Digital Ecologies: After Resilience?"
  • Max Karpinski, "Hydrocarbons and Barricades: The Resistant Collectives of Rita Wong and Steven Collis"
  • Amanda White, "Working Across Species: Ethics, Responsibility, and Creative Practice"
Fraser 158
Ecopedagogy: Nature, Place, and Care
Moderator: Anita Girvan
  • Jennifer Wheat, "Mapping the Wrack: Toward a Pedagogy of Transformative Resilience"
  • Lee Beavington, "Ecopoetics of the Amazon"
  • Glenn Willmott, "Reading for Ecology: Can We Be Taught to Care?"
Fraser 159
10:30-12:00 Edges and Horizons: Embodied Artistic Practice on the Shoreline
Moderator: Andrew Mark
  • Maura Coughlin, “Tide Line Gleaners”
  • Celina Jeffery, “Ephemeral Coast”
  • Jaimey Hamilton Faris, “Entangled Lines”
Fraser 152
Ecologies of Poetic Form
Moderator: Adam Dickinson
  • Katharine Bubel, "'O, but the sea wanders everywhere': Wrack and Eros in Jan Zwicky's Forge"
  • Heather Milne, "Becoming Myrmecological: Ecologies of Queer Desire in Shannon Maguire's Myrmurs: An Exploded Sestina"
  • Alexis Motuz, "'Truly, in this age, why should not all women be mad?': The Body as Wrack Zone in Di Brandt's Now You Care"
Fraser 158
Indigenous Stories as Enhanced Intergenerational Relationships: Oral History, Laws, and Collective Knowledge
Moderator: Shirley Roburn
  • Deborah Curran and Val Napoleon, "The Wrack Zone of Indigenous and Colonial Law (in Conversation): Using Stories to Produce New Knowledge for Indigenous-Settler Reconciliation"
  • Rebecca Johnson, "Before Tomorrow: Working with Indigenous Law in the Wrack Zone of Law and Film"
  • Dara Kelly, "Oral History and Continuity of the Teachings in Research"
Fraser 159
1:00-2:30 Language, Sounds, and Images of the Wrack Zone
Moderator: Kelly Shepherd
  • Shirley Roburn, “Re-mediating the Salish Sea: Salmon Storytelling in the Wrack Zone”
  • Genevieve Robertson, “Language for the Wrack Zone”
  • Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, "Traces of Ice, River and Sea: The Visual Ecopoetics of Contemporary UK and US Women Writers"
Fraser 152
Making and Breaking with Environmental Periodization
Moderator: Joshua Schuster
  • Roundtable: David K. Coley, Derek Gladwin, Lynn Badia, Sarah Crover
Fraser 158
On Mattering: Disaster and the Posthuman Politics of Care
Moderator: Matthew Zantingh
  • Rachel Levine, "'Who are you people?': Spectacles of Dispossession and the Species Value of Care"
  • Tyler Scott Ball, "Becoming Swamped: Praxis as Rootedness in Alan Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing"
  • Justyna Poray-Wybranowska, "Water for Tigers: The Human Costs of Wildlife Conservation"
Fraser 159
3:00-4:30 Resistance and Ecopoetry
Moderator: Janine DeBaise
  • Yvonne Blomer, "Refugium: Poems for the Pacific: How Poetry Can Bear Witness and Offer Solace"
  • Adam Dickinson, "Bodily Expressions of Petroculture: Readings from Anatomic"
  • Neil Surkan, "Super, Natural: Poetry and Low Tidings"
  • Erin Emily Ann Vance, "The Lives of Crow and Lichen: A Poetic Study of the Natural World in Western Canada"
Fraser 152
Wracking Romantic Ecology
Moderator: Katharine Bubel
  • David Anderson, “‘Wretched’ creatures and ‘the inclemency of the season’: Reading wracked N/natures in and around Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
  • Polly Atkin, "Dorothy's Rain: Findings in Dorothy Wordsworth's Unpublished 'Late' Journals"
  • Nathan TeBokkel, "In the Wrack of Romanticism: John Clare's Weeds and Contingent Beauty"
Fraser 158
Speculative Aesthetics of Hydrocarbons
Moderator: Conrad Scott
  • Bart Welling, "Being Fossil"
  • Anita Girvan, “Trickster Carbon: Postcolonial and Decolonial Carbon Futures"
  • Melanie Dennis Unrau, "Affective Politics and Poetics of the Oil Patch: Dymphony Dronyk's Contrary Infatuations and Naden Parkin's A Relationship with Truth"
  • Randy Lee Cutler, "Synthetic Rainbows: A Speculative Inventory of Coal as Energy and Waste”
Fraser 159
7:00-8:30 Plenary panel
Joanne Hammond and Val Napoleon
Moderator: Deborah Curran
Fraser 159

Friday, June 22, 2018

Time Creations - Fraser 152 Ecocriticisms - Fraser 158 Deliberations - Fraser 159
8:30-10:00 Writing in the Wrack Zone: Feminist Lyrical Experiments in Settler-Capitalist Ruins
  • Roundtable: Astrida Neimanis, Catriona Sandilands, Jennifer Mae Hamilton, Jessica Lee, Janine McLeod, Emily McGiffin, Susan Reid
Fraser 152
Reading Ruth Ozeki
Moderator: Molly Wallace
  • Anna Ford, "Book (W)rack: Ruth Ozeki’s Tale for the Time Being, Environmental Critique, and Forms of the Altered Book"
  • Tania Aquila-Way, "The 'interconnectedness of entanglement': Affective Community in Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for a Time Being"
Fraser 158
Climate Denial, Scepticism, Knowledge
Moderator: Paul Huebener
  • Jenny Kerber, "'Tracing One Warm Line': Tourism in the Changing Climate of the Northwest Passage"
  • Caitlin Heppner, "Wracking Denial: A Feminist Epistemological Approach to Rational Climate Change Denial"
  • Jesse Peterson, “Algid Wastelands: Monitoring Networks and Disgust in Swedish Waters”
Fraser 159
10:30-12:00 Education on the Ground and in the Soil: Haliburton Community Organic Farm
Moderator: Arlene Plevin
  • Roundtable: Ann Eastman, Rhona McAdam, Elmarie Roberts
Fraser 152
Narrative, Ethic, and Storying Belonging
Moderator: Renée Jackson-Harper
  • Pamela Banting, "Becoming Fish: Settler Deeds, Salmon Resistance, and Multispecies Accords in The Spawning Grounds"
  • Misao Dean, "The Circulation of Affect in the Work of Roderick Haig-Brown"
  • Graham Boldt, "Defining a Coastal Place: Ricou's The Arbutus / Madrone Files"
Fraser 158
Ecological Literary History
Moderator: Polly Atkin
  • Sarah-Nelle Jackson, "Idle Rule and the Imbrication of Vastness in Wynnere and Wastoure"
  • Paula Johanson, "Local Knowledge: Small Boat Losses in La Pérouse's 1786 Expedition in Lituya Bay, Reinterpreted with Moon and Tidal Data"
  • Will Smith, "When 'a man goes broke': The Vacillating Cultural Capital of Francis Pollock"
Fraser 159
1:00 Afternoon field trips (departing at 1:00)
  • Royal BC Museum
  • Haliburton Community Organic Farm
  • PKOLS / Mount Douglas hike
7:00 - 10:00 Arts evening: literary and musical open mic (7:00 – late)
  • With readings from many conference attendees, including from Refugium: Poems for the Pacific (ed. Yvonne Blomer, published by Caitlin Press)
SUB Upper Lounge

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Time Creations - Fraser 152 Ecocriticisms - Fraser 158 Deliberations - Fraser 159
8:30-10:00 Ways Toward Local Knowledges
Moderator: Glenn Willmott
  • Andrew Mark, "Views of Exclusion on Hornby Island: Photographs and Visual Ethnography"
  • Sarah Pirrie, “Walking the Wrack Line: A Resource for New Images of Thought about our Coastal Communities”
  • Sarah Wylie Krotz and Johannes Riquet, "Wrack Phenomenologies: Drifting, Beachcombing and Spatial Experience in 100 Days in the San Juans and The Curve of Time"
Fraser 152
The Jewish Wrack: Where Land Meets Sea
Moderator: Sara Press
  • Lauren Fournier, "Chris Kraus’s Becoming-Hysteric: De-territorializing the Male Post-Structuralist through Feminist Auto-Theory"
  • MLA Chernoff, “‘Eat ass, pray, love’: Leonard Cohen, Tamara Faith Berger, and Sexual Theosophy in Jewish Canada"
  • Polina Teif, "Eulogy for The Dead Sea"
  • Aaron Kreuter, "Letting It Move Through You: The Israeli Land and the Jewish Body in Canadian Jewish Fiction"
Fraser 158
Exploring Alternative Ontologies
Moderator: Jenny Kerber
  • Norah Bowman, "Here/There/Everywhere: Quantum Models for Decolonizing Newtonian Determinism"
  • Rob Boschman and William Bunn, "Nuclear Avenue: ‘Cyclonic Development,’ Abandonment, and Relations in Uranium City, Canada"
  • Renée Jackson-Harper, “Enclosed Edens: Orchards, Gardens and Other Failed Utopias in Contemporary Literature from the Okanagan”
Fraser 159
10:30-12:00 Creative Writing from the Wrack Zone: Awareness, Action, Activism
Moderator: Janine MacLeod
  • Susan Cohen, "Side Effects: Project Clean Stream"
  • Janine DeBaise, "Oil Spill in the Islands"
  • Arlene Plevin, "Coming into My Wrack Zone: Emotions, Activism, and Modern Slavery"
Fraser 152
International and Contemporary Ecopoetics
Moderator: Heather Milne
  • John Charles Ryan, “Thallus, Lamina, Sorus: Seaweed as a Poetic Subject”
  • Alexandra Campbell, "'A strange poetry of decay’: Atlantic Ecopoetry and the Petro-ocean"
  • Kelly Shepherd, “Urban Ecotones and Shadow Geography: Insomnia Bird”
Fraser 158
Oceans of Knowledge and Law
Moderator: Bart Welling
  • Kate Judith, "Parasites and Hosts in the Mangrove Wrack Zone"
  • Larry Koon Chung Wu, "Coastal Marine Protection: Reconciling the Different Statutes and Regulations of Canada to Develop a World Class Marine Protection Plan"
  • Caitlin Charman, "'Newfoundland's Robinson Crusoe?': Michael Crummey's Sweetland and the Failure of Ocean Management"
Fraser 159
12:00-1:00 Annual General Meeting: ALECC's AGM
1:00-2:30 Elements and Memory: Author Readings
Moderator: Astrida Neimanis
  • Elizabeth Dodd, “Memory Archipelago”
  • Lyn Baldwin, “The Collecting Basket”
  • Janine MacLeod, “The Watery Afterlife”
  • Mikka Jacobsen, “For Love or Money”
Fraser 152
Wracked with Passion: Fanfiction and Environment
Moderator: Michael Lukas
  • Keri Stevenson, “Wrecked and Ficced: Ecological Impoverishment and Resistance in Science Fiction and Fantasy Fanfic”
  • Elyssa Warkentin, “Mad Max: Fury Road and the Alternate Universes of Fanfiction”
  • Elise Mitchell, “Extinction Crisis: Bees and Beekeeping in Sherlock Holmes Fanfiction”
Fraser 158
Property, Place, and Presence: The Un/Productivity of Wrack Zones
Moderator: TBA
  • Torin McLachlan, "'eaten death returning': Ecologies of Exhaustion in Djuna Barnes' Nightwood"
  • Dylan Bateman, "Home Smelly Home: Refuge on the Garbage Patch in Baxter's Flood and Ming-Yi's The Man with the Compound Eyes"
  • Sara Press, "Ayahuasca on Trial: Biocolonialism, Biopiracy, and the Commodification of the Sacred"
Fraser 159
3:00-4:30 Whales, Affect and Multispecies Community
Moderator: Melanie Dennis Unrau
  • Brett Buchanan, "Speculative Wrack"
  • Emmett Turkington, "Resurrecting a Whale: Dead Whales and their Affect on Ideas of Ecological Crises"
  • Elspeth Tulloch, "Elegies on Suffering Cetaceans: Contemplating the Death and Dying of Beached Whales"
Fraser 152
Looking Forward to the Apocalypse
Moderator: TBA
  • Matthew Zantingh, "Tekkietsertok’s Anger: Colonial Violence, Post-Apocalypse and the Inuit in Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth Series"
  • Molly Wallace, "'Speculative Botany': Oliver Kellhammer’s Neo Eocene"
  • Paul Huebener, "Dormant on the Runway: Thinking Beyond Fast Culture and Slow Nature in Station Eleven"
  • Conrad Scott, "'Anthropocide' Detritus: 'Intertidal' Living in Kim Stanley Robinson’s New York 2140"
Fraser 158
Three Critiques of Existential Risk
Moderator: Catriona Sandilands
  • Joshua Schuster, "Existential Risk and Environmental Thought"
  • Derek Woods, "The Space Terrarium as Limit Case"
  • Nicole Shukin, "Prospecting Future Ruins: On the Speculative Character of Existential Risk"
Fraser 159
4:45-6:15 Closing Keynote
Larissa Lai, "Intertidal Insurgencies: Spirals of Relation in the Wrack"
Moderator: Brett Buchanan
6:45 - late Banquet Cadboro Commmons

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