Training on Maintenance of Your Project

The HCMC will work with you to determine what role you would like to play in the ongoing maintenance and updating of your site. We'll discuss this as part of the planning process and will (as far as possible) write the site to accommodate your preferences regarding maintenance. We are happy to support you with whatever tasks you take on.

Some of our clients prefer that we do all maintenance of the content of the site - they provide us with instructions for what needs to be changed and the necessary texts etc. Others prefer to do a certain degree of the updating of the content themselves. Others use us as consultants on the design of their site and then create and maintain the entire site and its content themselves or by contracting with someone else.

It is not within our mandate to provide training on generic software or technologies such as a text editor, graphics program or the basics of html (for that contact UVic's e-learning systems group). We provide training and consulting on specialized technologies and software, and on how to use those to produce the results you want.