Release Day activity


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Release Day activity

  • Built and tested a fresh installer.
  • Discovered a bug with interface file loading -- menus ended up with a yellow background.
  • Tried to fix this by various strategies to trigger a repaint of the component (being a TComponent descendant, it lacks actual Refresh, Invalidate, and Repaint methods). Seemed to work on most machines, but on a test install on Arugula it failed. This may be some kind of conflict with a graphics driver.
  • Logged this as a bug on the Website.
  • Posted a request for help to the Borland internationalization list (newsgroup home for Tnt components).
  • Rebuilt, tested, tweaked and rebuilt the app and installer several times. Final test was in Lab B, where the screen settings were problematic (Large Fonts?), so I had to go back to the app and set Scaled = False and AutoScroll = False on every form. This should probably also be done for Transformer.
  • Final release seems OK tested on a variety of machines.
  • Updated the Website.
  • Added a Projects page showing three projects using the tool.
  • Tweaked the site menu settings to make it a bit smaller.
  • Created a project summary inc file and linked it into the future HCMC site projects page.
  • Added a link to the blog from the site menu.
  • Posted an announcement to the TEI list.
  • Tried to post to TAPoR news feed, but no sign of the capability on the site! The My News tab has disappeared. I find that site hopelessly confusing; every time I click on something it opens a new tab in my browser with a small, unhelpful bit of info.


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