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Added XSLT tweaks to handle tei:ref and empty paragraphs

Fixed the two problems reported in the last two posts, and provided a new version to the user who reported them. If everything works well, I'll do an official release. Putting this on as a task in case I forget.


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Another task: add proper handling for ref/@target to XSLT

The <ref> element's @target attribute should be converted to a proper XHTML link on when you export to create a web view.


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Tech support for user

Interesting issue reported by a user: if you have empty p tags in your annotations, then a self-closing div is output to the HTML. If you then open the file in Firefox, it will screw up, but if you give the file an .xhtml extension, it works fine.

I should put in a trap for empty paragraphs, and insert a non-breaking space into them. That could easily be done in the XSLT. Making this a task.

Image Markup Tool blog

The Image Markup Tool is a Windows application for annotating images, using TEI XML as its data format. Our aim is to produce a tool which creates conformant TEI P5 XML files, but which has a simple enough interface that it can be used by people with little or no experience in editing XML code.


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