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IMT version released

The Image Markup Tool version has been released. This is a minor bugfix release. See the Update page for more details.


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Fixed a bug in IMT

Working at home on a personal project, I've found a bug in the way IMT handles the content of annotation titles (which are <head> elements). When reading <head> elements which contain mixed content, a space character preceding an element node is eliminated. I pinned it down and fixed it, and I've created a new release, but I'll test it at home before I release it finally.


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ImtLink and ImtLinkSet basically working

They can read and write themselves from a QDomDocument, and seem to be working well. Next, I need to polish up the test application so that it works as a demo of that module of the real app, which means installing some more filtering features (sorting works already, but filtering on any of the values in the fields would be great).


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ImtLink and ImtLinkSet progress

Added transcriptional attribute, and tested sorting with QSortFilterProxyModel.


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ImtLinkSet now functioning as a working model that I can add a link and have it show up in the connected QTableView. We're moving forward. Must remember to add the link subtype field to ImtLink, though.


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Progress with ImtLinkSet

Began fleshing out the ImtLinkSet class, after some trouble deciding whether to base it off QAbstractTableModel or QStandardItemModel, and whether to keep the links in a QMap or QHash (chose the former in both cases). It compiles, but doesn't have enough functionality for testing yet.

I'm still unsure about QMap; it may be that a simple QList with some lookup functions would be way better in the end.


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Started again with links

After some experimentation, I realized my link setup was far too complicated, so I've thrown it away and started again, based on what I've learned from my home project. I've now rewritten ImtLink, and all links will be handled by a single ImtLinkSet class which will descend from QAbstractTableModel (not yet started). The end result should be much simpler, and easier to plug into the GUI.


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Began converting ImtLinkGrpSet to descendant of QAbstractTableModel

One thing I've learned from my home project GVT is that your core data model really should descend from an QT abstract model, and not anything else, so I've started converting the top-level link-handling class, ImtLinkGrpSet, to a descendant of QAbstractTableModel. This involves re-implementing inherited functions from ImtElement, and implementing the core virtual functions from the table model. It's about half done, with one outstanding difficulty.

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Wireframe planning meeting

Interview with MT to complete a questionnaire from which she'll build a wireframe model. This was useful, and helped me to clarify a couple of ideas I haven't been sure about. I'm going to detail them here while they're fresh in my mind:

  • All main windows will be dockable.
  • The three main windows will be:
    • The Images window, looking much like our previous mockup.
    • The Links window, which will provide an accessible list of all the links made so far, organized by category.
    • The document browser, which will provide access by filterable xml:id to the ids already in the document, and also by means of a tree model of the document body.
  • Other windows will be modal dialogs:
    • The category manager (or should this tie into the links manager?).
    • The XML editor (pops up from the document browser when you elect to edit an element).
    • The Preferences window.
    • The Output options window (could this simply be integrated into Preferences?).
  • Still haven't decided how to handle translations -- presumably the easiest mechanism would be QT's built-in translation tools, but this might require separate compilation for each language -- check this out.
  • One issue which came up was accessibility: is it going to be possible to allow users to define zones using only the keyboard? It's conceivable, but it might be really difficult to design and code.


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New release of the Image Markup Tool

A couple of bugfixes and enhancements have been made to the Image Markup Tool, resulting in the release of version These are the changes:

  • A Hungarian interface translation was contributed by Kóta Péter.
  • Pressing the Delete key when an annotation zone was selected on the image didn't do anything; now it triggers a "Delete annotation(s)" action.
  • When clicking in the Annotation Title field, if the default text is still there as a guide, it should be removed automatically. However, this wasn't happening when an alternative language interface was loaded. That bug is now fixed.

The new version is available from the IMT website.


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Some work on the old IMT

Did some work on the old IMT to create a new release, adding a feature for MB:

  • You can now press Control + G or Control + Shift + G in the Annotation Text box, and get a dialog to select one or more images; for each image you select, you'll get a TEI <graphic> tag pointing to it, either just by file name or by relative path.
  • I've added a popup menu to the main image control and to the annotation list, allowing the three regular annotation actions.
  • I've hooked up Edit / Delete so that it can also (offer to) delete a selected annotation.

The latter two fix some annoyances that have been bugging me for a while. Also updated the documentation date, and sent the package out to MB for testing.


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Documentation for XML editor component

Started adding some doxygen documentation to the code for the XML editor. This is a way of getting back into the project after a few weeks break.

Image Markup Tool blog

The Image Markup Tool is a Windows application for annotating images, using TEI XML as its data format. Our aim is to produce a tool which creates conformant TEI P5 XML files, but which has a simple enough interface that it can be used by people with little or no experience in editing XML code.


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