Added CSS to support syntax highlighting in XML/HTML tags


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Added CSS to support syntax highlighting in XML/HTML tags

I've created a Transformer sequence which takes XML code, escapes it, and adds formatting tags that highlight tags, attribute names, and attribute values. To enable the use of this, I've added CSS classes to hcmc/custom.css. Here's a test of the results:

    <application ident="ImageMarkupTool02" version="" notAfter="2011-09-29T14:06:14">
      <label>Image Markup Tool</label>
      <desc> </desc>
      <ref type="appURI" target=""></ref>
      <ptr target="#imtLinkTypes"/>
      <ptr target="#imtFacsimile"/>
      <ptr target="#imtLinks"/>

Here's the sequence: Transformer 3 sequence for escaping and tagging XML code for syntax highlighting on the blog

and here's the app you need for it:


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