New blog on Moodle


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New blog on Moodle

I would like to propose a new blog on Moodle. Ricardo Draper, Erica Price-Edny, and I have been appointed by Mark Roman to explore the possibility of providing centralized Moodle services and support.

Right now it's not at the project stage, but we need a place to share information and discussion. I plan to post results of interviews on usage, costs for support, support models, and the like. Mark Roman says he will likely make it a formal project in the near future.

I know a number of us have an interest in Moodle. I'm recommending we use the blog as a shared space where we post our findings, and allow others to review and post as well. We could create categories based on user groups or types of information (Technical/Admin/Pedagogy, etc.)

Any thoughts on this?


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Work on this blogging tool

This blogging tool is new to us, and we're trying to figure out how to make it do all the things we require of a project and workflow management tool for our R & D lab. This blog will record what we did, how we did it, what went wrong, and how we fixed it.



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