COMPLETED TASK: Evaluate B2Evolution update


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COMPLETED TASK: Evaluate B2Evolution update

Completed week of Feb 5; detailed upgrade plan created and trialled with Greg.

Two new versions of B2Evolution have been released: 1.8.7 (which is the end of the 1.8 trunk), and 1.9.2 (which is the new stable version). This presents us with a problem:

We should upgrade at least to 1.8.7, since there are a couple of security fixes in that upgrade. I've manually added a couple as they were reported, but there are probably more. There is a useful patch file containing only the changed files, so I can fairly easily -- painstakingly -- do a diff with WinMerge, and where we have customizations in a file that's been updated, I can either port their changes into our file or vice versa. Given that there are no db changes in this update, I estimate that this would take three or four hours.

However, I think we should also consider moving to 1.9.2. I can't find any documentation yet on whether the db has changed in 1.9.2; if it has, then the task will be fairly difficult, and might take a couple of days. There is no patch for moving 1.8.5 to 1.9.2.

The initial task is for Martin to do the 1.8.7 update. Then we'll add a second task, asking Greg to diff a copy of our 1.8.7 version against 1.9.2, to see if it's practical to migrate.

Posting minutes spent doing initial research on this.


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