GUI components completed, file i/o all working


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GUI components completed, file i/o all working

Completed all the dialog box functionality for the new XSLT transformation item type. Created a couple of new icons and added them to nuvola.dll, one for an XML document and one for adding an XML document; the latter is used for "Add new XSLT Transformation Item" in Transformer 3. Spent a little time making the file paths for external XSLT files robust; I'm storing both a relative and absolute path for referenced external XSLT files, so that if the sequence file is moved, and the XSLT file is moved relative to it, the absolute path can be reconstructed on load. This is working well.

Now the only thing left to do is the integration of the actual XSLT transformation, using the xsltproc dll from libxml2. This code can be adapted from the Image Markup Tool, and the adapted code will then be re-used in the IMT version 2 when I write it.


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