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Transformer version 2 released

Version 2.0 of Transformer, a Unicode text transformation tool developed for rescuing old data and transforming text files of all descriptions, has been released. This new version adds JavaScript capabilities to complement the original fast search/replace functionality, making it possible to do much more complex and sophisticated transformation operations on text.

Originally developed in 2006 as part of a project to rescue old DOS word-processor files from a Linguistics project, Transformer has since been used extensively on the Colonial Correspondence project.

Find out more at the Transformer site...


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Released minor update for Transformer

Paolo Cutini reported an oddity in a tooltip hint, and also provided a new Italian translation, so I fixed the hint and built a new release.


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Final version of Transformer Unicode replace tool released

The first full version (1.1) of UVic's Transformer open-source Unicode search-and-replace tool has been released.

Back in February, we announced a beta version of this application; the full package is now complete, including documentation and source code, and is available from here: Transformer was created as part of a project to rescue some very old linguistics data, which was stored in a combination of Lexware and DOS WordPerfect files, by converting it to Unicode. Non-ascii characters were represented in the data by nasty sequences of control characters used to switch between obsolete character-sets and long-gone fonts in WordPerfect. In order to convert the data, we had to create and test a huge sequence of search-and-replace operations which would find these strings and replace them with the correct Unicode codepoints for IPA characters. To make this process easier for ourselves, we created a Transformer, a Windows application which enables you to create, organize and test sequences of search/replace operations (including regular expressions), then run them in batch mode on a set of files. It is released as open-source under the MPL 1.1.

Transformer blog

Transformer is an open-source Windows application written in Delphi 2005 by Martin Holmes. Transformer loads Unicode text files and performs sequences of search-and-replace operations on them. It provides you with an interface to create and test these sequences of search-replace operations before running them in batch mode on a set of files.



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