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Diagnostics work

Resolved two tickets on diagnostics:
  • Checking for @xml:base
  • Checking for undeclared prefixes


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Graves: fixed legacy page redirect bug, and pushed from alpha to beta

Fixed the bug whereby errors in the old site setup, which were resulting in URLs which had extra path components in them, were not being successfully redirected to the correct new page. Changed version from alpha to beta. I think everything is done now.

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Finished first draft of presentation

SHARP pres is done; should expand notes nearer the time.


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Fixes to Graves

I realized that the ref/@targets in the site map, which pointed to the HTML pages, were technically incorrect. They pointed to the pages as if they were in the same directory, not two levels up. After working on it for an hour in the lab, I got home and realized the solution was fairly simple: add '../../' to the @target when generating the site map, and then in the XHTML5 generation (since it relies on the @target for filenames/locations, etc) pre-process the site map so that all @targets are stripped of their path. I decided to add the final few people that were missing; one was a misspelling and the other 3 are unidentified (but likely also misspellings, which I've noted in the notes). Graves is now passing the diagnostics.


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Timesheets and contracts

Did JT's timesheet; negotiated and wrote a new contract etc. for JT; planned his Endings work; chased up TL's timesheet which is not complete; did some work on diagnostics and Graves.

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Fixes to Graves

The Endings diagnostics process caught a number of problems in the original and standalone generation of Graves, particularly in how prefixDef was being included (either multiply or not at all) into the files. That's now fixed and all three filesets (source, original, standalone) have the same four errors:
  • CP
  • DW
  • RPG
  • WPG
I will email EGW about these so we can get them cleared before we release the live web-app.


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Lots of work on all four projects

Addressing some common issues with search on the webapp:

  • MoEML did not have the search results highlighting constraint that limits hits within a document to ten, which I'd already implemented for Mariage and Scancan. That's now done.
  • It was possible to get eXist error pages if you crafted an ill-formed search. I'm now trapping that with a try-catch and just returning zero hits (all projects).
  • Wildcard searching with leading wildcards is now implemented.
  • Search tips page has been rewritten for MoEML.


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Rolling out eXists

With RE's help, got four new exists deployed, with their apps working, and publicly available. Lesson learned:

  • For configuration and deployment of the XAR, use Chrome, and connect to the internal :8080 address. If you connect through Apache, you risk a timeout during deployment, which will bork eXist completely.

Other than one case of that happening with the MoEML app, everything worked as planned; the deployment script goes seamlessly, the XARs all worked, and everything looks good. Couple of bugs to fix in MoEML and Mariage.


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Updated project metadata page and wrote handlers for its content

The project information essay is going to take a while to write, and I can't live with the mechanical rendering of the teiHeader metadata from the project_metadata page, so I've given it some textual content in the form of a very brief history of the project. That will act as a decent placeholder until EGW has finished her article.


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DH presentation final version done

With JT, slightly edited our paper for DH to include a reference to our diagnostics github project and to add a figure. Now submitted.

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