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etcl : confirm problems with links

Compared the code in the twentyeleven theme and the etcl theme that is generating the links on the pages. The code is different, but the output from each is identical (other than the order of the attributes), so I'm not sure why the navigation fails. I guess the ETCL theme must parse the arguments in the URL differently than the twentyeleven theme does, but that doesn't make sense, as that would be the DB doing that parsing and it hasn't changed. TwentyTen theme Brown Bag Seminar: Close Reading, Distant Reading and in Between ETCL theme Brown Bag Seminar: Close Reading, Distant Reading and in Between
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etcl : changing upload limits in WordPress multi-user

The ETCL/INKE is a multi-user WordPress site. There are global settings which affect total amount of uploaded files and maximum individual file size. These limits apply to all sites in the instance (and I'm guessing the total is an aggregate for all the sites, rather than for each, but I'm not sure).

To get to the settings
- log in to admin interface
- go to My Sites / Network Admin / Dashboard in the grey navbar
- choose settings from the menu on the left
- scroll down to Upload Settings.

There's a "limit total size of uploads" checkbox (to enable/disable limit) and textfield (to specify limit).
There is also a "max upload filesize" textfield (which is currently set to 1500 KB or 1.5 MB)
Don't forget to save your modifications.

The maximum size of uploadable file that appears in the meda / add new page (e.g. is 1 MB. Not sure why that is not the 1.5 MB specified in the network settings.
If you get very close to the total size allocated, the max uploadable file size displayed in the add media page is whatever space you have left within the limit.

Finally, this wasn't a factor in this instance, but php has limits too (which you can see by calling phpinfo):
post_max_size 150M
upload_max_filesize 150M
I'm not sure how to modify those values. As an experiment, I tried adding
php_value upload_max_filesize 100M
php_value post_max_size 100M
in the .htaccess file at the root of wordpress, but that threw errors. I didn't try a php.ini file within the account.


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Testing OCS for DHSI

The library is running an instance of OCS, and IK set me up with an account for testing it, to see if it would suit our purposes for DHSI. I set up a couple of test conferences, but as far as I can see, it can't handle the sort of special-event-registration we want to handle; you can have different registration types, but you can't let people choose events and/or courses and register specifically for them. So it looks as though RegOnline is the best option, at the moment.


Planning, organization and programming issues relating to HCMC's role in the planning of DHSI.



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