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proofing etc

Today I drew up screenshots decided on divisions - by page ! reflected on titles for the accounts - should incorporate author and book title did xml proofing to see where paragraph overlaps with seg and will cause error Notes for me: portal, immediately before p.398 - overlap, p not inserted because it causes error - needs to be fixed teissier inserted p that was missing, no error senac - inserted p that was missing, no error sigaud_de_la_fond - p error - overlap with seg p.527 - no p because it causes error - needs to be fixed: ne se contentèrent point de le poursuivre comme meurtrier, ils le poursuivirent comme sacrilège au tribunal de l'inquisition. Comme la faute étoit notoire, les juges de ce tribunal voulurent lui faire subir la peine due à cette impiété. pare_vivis - p inserted, seg modified. adam - fully needs p inserted throughout - none as of yet as they cause errors, need to be fixed. carlencas - removed unnecessary p tag... clusius - added p tags benignewinslow - added seg mort, and removed unnecessary tag seg bordeu -p tags all work fine de_thou_vol3_rigault - all p tags work fine, I just added a column break lancisi - added in p no problems pare_morthenri - need to add p tags within the 1er colonne, overlap with segment error: needs to be fixed qui ont receu de plus grands coups que cesluy sur les yeux, neanmoins ne sont morts1. Comme aussi on a veu de fresche memoire, escuyer du Roy : lequel estant au niceron_vol10 - added p tags, but needs segment tags (latin)


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Today, Greg transferred over the new xml files on to the server, and I filled in more biographical information.


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Today I read through lemnius, and then started filling in biographical information for the marked-up names :)


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mark ups and research

Today I marked up Charles de L'Ecluse, and searched through latin Thuanus texts for a more pertinant letter. - it is found in his notes added on:;view=image;q1=ecluse;start=1;size=100;page=root;seq=331;num=317. To be transcribed and marked up. found text with letter from mettelus to cassandre. Transcribe? Compare to letter published in Niceron. Mark up Niceron according to translation in O'Malley. Also, searched bayle's dictionnaire historique et critique...


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Searched through clusius texts, found account of meeting between fuchs and vesalius... transcribed (took a while... in German and set in black letter typecast...Fraktur), will translate from German at home. Found Senac citation - transcribed. Marked up Senac - saved in xml to be added folder. Found one letter from Charles de l'Ecluse to de Thou in an online edition of histoire universelle.... transcribed. needs mark up.


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April 3 - Transcribed and Marked up "strada", saved in the "xml to be added" folder. Searched through Traité des maladies des femmes ... Avec un catalogue chronologique ... Astruc, Jean, 1684-1766. for Vesalius vivisection, but he does not mention him by name. Some info on Bottonus. Only copies of Albertinus Bottonus' traite sur les maladies des femmes (for vivisection reference) is in latin, in libraries in europe (worldcat - de morbis muliebribus). Searched texts for the firsthand account recorded by Swabian poet Martinus Crusius of anecdote involving Fuchs and Vesalius. Found Guillaume Fabri's Observations Chirurgiques, used table of contents to try and locate vesalius anecdote... am going to have to go through page by page.


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April 2 - search for schenkius, for kornmann, for bottonus... no luck. found some biographical info and a page on Vesalius in Benedictus Montanus, but could not find the epigrammi. Went through 9 collections of memoires association with the death of henri II to find mention of vesalius, but no such luck. Tried to find texts written by drs present at the time : M. Villiaume M. Valeran – medecin ordinaire du roi Louis Duret – docteur regent en la faculte de medecine a paris Rodolphe de l'Or - docteur regent en la faculte de medecine a paris Iacques le Royl – chirurgien ordinaire du roi Did, however, locate the account published by Strada explaining vesalius' warning to charles fifth about a short life. Saved, needs to be transcribed. Started sifting through Riolan's texts to find accusations of plagiarism.




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