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Meeting with P & A: site nav finalized

With SA, synthesized all the various changes and suggestions into a single document, then met with the folks from P & A and finalized them all. SA has merged them back into the final spreadsheet, and we're ready to get to work. I created the primary folders.


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Tech support for French

Posting time spent with LSPW figuring out how to port the old colloquium materials over to the Cascade site.

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Meeting re Beck site

Met with PAB and JT to discuss moving Beck to Cascade. The decision is to wait until PAB's PhD is finished, at the end of the year.

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Fixing broken links on Hist and Wost

Broken link reports came in with many links on Hist still broken from before, so I went through them and fixed any that are genuine (many are not -- Xenu seems to report lots of links which are perfectly OK). Reported reasons and changes to TG. Also checked out some odd items on the otherwise-empty WOST report which seem to be for the CFUV site, not from WOST at all. Reported that to CB, who fixed it.


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Invisible link issue on French site

ST solved a long-standing issue in the Xenu broken link report for the French site. Apparently when a number of pages were originally created, they were made by copy/pasting from the existing site. That site had links to a Contact page, which were then deleted -- except that what was deleted was only the text, not the anchor tag, so the links were still there, invisible. Deleted them all, except for one reported by ST on a page which no longer seems to exist (french/current-students/graduate/colloquium/index.php). Wrote to LSPW to find out what happened to that page.


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Cascade (HCMC site)

Cascade (HCMC site)

Attended Cascade drop-in session:

- banner color (color will be implemented later today by communications staff)

- home-home: issue has already been reported by others; will be addressed by communications later; (HCMC -correct as is for now).

- "page mirroring"
- content details


This blog is intended to collect together all that we discover about the Cascade CMS system as we work through the Humanities departmental websites.



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