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Meeting and new tasks

Met with JS-R and had long discussions about the next phase of the project, and immediate needs. Arising out of this, two short-term tasks for me:

  1. Find a way to generate candidates for identity between different owner records. Use USM to generate data from concatenation of all text fields in the owners table. Start by sorting the table by surname, and test each record against the following five records.
  2. Duplicate VW_trans_composite_eth_prop, but add titles.ttl_consideration, ttl_declaredvalue and ttl_marketvalue, and include only instances where ttle_consideration != NULL. Also, add a field that is TRUE where there's the same individual is one of the buyers and one of the sellers. Next, add a field which is TRUE where one of the buyers and one of the sellers share a surname, and neither of the two is own_institutional (family_transaction).


A database project to collect historical data on properties and titles.



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