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Task for someone

In order to extend the application I propose to add STOA links to all place names in the places.xml file. This will add value to what we already offer by providing easy access to the extra resources of STOA. Here's an example:

We have sparse information on any given place - e.g. Athens. For Athens we have a name and the geolocation co-ordinates, whereas STOA has this: http://pleiades.stoa.org/places/579885/?searchterm=athenae

If we add this: <placeName key="579885">Athens</placeName> to our athens entry we can add hooks to STOA data (or just links to the right STOA page) to our application.

We can extend this concept to include offsite links to other resources. For example, we can provide links to a document chunk in the Perseus site by providing an attribute that contains the Perseus chunk locator. If we want to link to the Perseus rendering of Apollodorus Library, book 1, chapter 1, section 4 we would provide this link:
The only non-obvious part is the document ID (19901.022), but I've added that information in to each text in our db as part of sourcedesc, thusly:
<idno type="perseus">1999.01.0022</idno>
so we can dynamically create a URL for connecting to a specific chunk in the Perseus site.


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