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Work done on 15th March

Continued working on Pausanias book 1 , worked till 1.11.1 .Time spent 9:00 am - 2:00 pm ~5 hours

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Incorrect DAY reference - Pausanias

Pausanias book 1 , 1.3.1 - "Theseus throwing Sciron into the sea and Day carrying away Cephalus."

"DAY" in the above text links to EOS(dawn).While this maybe correct based on the wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemera , need to know if a new person should be created and linked to instead of dawn or kept as is .

Wikipedia entry-

Pausanias seems to confuse her with Eos when saying that she carried Cephalus away. Pausanias makes this identification with Eos upon looking at the tiling of the royal portico in Athens, where the myth of Eos and Kephalos is illustrated. He makes this identification again at Amyklai and at Olympia, upon looking at statues and illustrations where Eos (Hemera) is present.

Blog post for Dr.Bowman .


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Work done on 6th march

Started working on Pausanias. worked till Cerameicus 1.3.1. fixed Places Macedonia and palestine. time spent 10:00 - 3:00 pm (5)


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work done on 28th February

worked till Homer - The Iliad, Book 24 . time spent 11:20-1:20 ~ 2 hours .

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Following link produces an error


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Summary Post for Pausanius. February 27

I am officially moving away from the Pausanius project. Following is a summary of where I have left off, the work completed and any outlying issues that I have had that are still not resolved.

I ended my work on 14.7. That means that everything up to the end of Chapter 14 has been proofed and events have been created for them. That is not to say there are not errors, many times when I would return to a past Chapter of the text, I would find links not created or spelling mistakes.

Chapters 15 has been proofed but that is it. All beyond that has not been touched.

In Events:

Pausanius events that I have created begin at line 38965, where I have commented out that "the following events are from Pausanius".

Pausanius tends to be a subjective historian. Often parts of his records are correct whereas others are either dead wrong, embellished, or with different characters than the majority of other sources confirm. Therefore at this point I began to quickly fact check the events that I was entering into Pausanius. The term "quickly" means that I googled it and found evidence in at least Wikipedia to reinforce P's claim. If it was still vague, then I would search for another sources aside from Wiki. Be careful to check citations when using Wiki as a source, often it will have cited Pausanius for the event you are fact checking.

After verifying or disproving the information found in Pausanius, I then attributed it a confidence rating. "0" being that there was no confidence Pausanius was correct and "1" being that he was absolutely correct. A lot of ratings fall somewhere in between.

The confidence ratings begin at line 40280.This means that there are events previous to these that need to be attributed a rating. You may come across events that have a "type=mythical/historical". This was an earlier method that we decided to abandon in favour of confidence ratings. These should be erased and replaced with a confidence rating.

I have been adding sculptors, poets and philosophers into events at the bequest of Dr. Bowman. For example, if "Pausanius says Preixeles scultped the statue of Athena", I record that as an event. However, there have been a few events that I added within this context that I felt were on the line. That may need to be double checked. Also at 12.4 there is mention of Homer and what he has written. I haven't added it because I have been on the fence about it. It needs a second look.


There are 3 current known issues with places: Macedonia, Palestine and Island of Patroklus need to be fixed. However, Greg was going to take on Macedonia because it was not easily solvable.

Within the text of Pausanius itself, the first letter of each paragraph runs into the text. This needs to be fixed (using padding?)

Here are the list of blog entries that I created citing errors in Pausanius for reference:


I think that's it! If I think of more, I will add it to this blog post.


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Feb 21/17 Paus

Created events in Chapter 15
Fixes in text
Added some character descriptions
Emailed Dr.Bowman about Ptolemy.

Hours: 11:30-1:30 (2)

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Events in Pausanius Chapter 15

I have started creating events in Chapter 15 which are third-party events. By this I mean that these events are events that Pausanius references while he describes carvings and statues. I have added them as events because although they are not direct references, I believe they stand as far as Pausanius is concerned. That being said, I could be wrong. A second opinion would be appreciated.
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Spaces between links in Paus

1.9.5: There seems to be an issue within areas of the coded text where there is a multiple linked reference:

I have found that regardless of the number of spaces placed between these two links, when I go back to the front text of Pausanius, the words still run together. In this case, within the front text the words Agathocles Lysandra are shown as AgathoclesLysandra even though in the code they are separated by multiple spaces in the code.

This example is taken from section 1.9.5 but I have noticed it other places as well. Is there a bug? I will try to collect the areas that this is happening in.

Found in:


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Pausanius Feb 16/17

In section 15.3 Pausanius refers to "the hero, Marathon". I can find no evidence of this person, not sure where else to look.
In section 15.4 Pausanius refers to the "Scioneans". I can find them referenced in other literature, but no explanation for who they are.

Places that still need fixing:

Have finished events for 14, edited up to 16.1. Events need to be created for 15 next day.

Hours: 9:30-3 (5.5)

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