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January 11 2018

Added some more places which need Pleiades links and characters which need to be created. I added a link to PAUS 1.31.5 and included Nemesis as a daughter of Oceanus OCEA1. I also fixed the place points for ERID1, BRIT1, and REDA1 and edited PHIL19 and LEDA1's description. And I fixed incorrect links in PAUS 1.33.8 and 1.35.2. Worked up to Asopus PAUS 1.35.2.
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Attention Greg

The descriptions for Groups are not currently clickable despite having the required XML markup.


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January 9 2018

I fixed ANTE3's description so it would link properly. I also edited ARIM2, HYPE15, OEDI1, PROM6, CHAR7, EROS1, ANTH9, CIMO1, and TOLM1's descriptions. I also made EVEN9429 and EVEN9430 and I fixed a text glitch in PAUS 1.30.1 and a glitch with Cephale (CEPH14) being used for a person and a place. Worked up to PAUS 1.31.3. I came across a bit of a glitch where ERID1 can't load its map.
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Pleiades Places

Here are some more places that need Pleides links: NISA3 Nisaea ERID2 Eridanus river ILSI1 Ilisus river BLAC2 Black Sea AEGE3 Aegean Sea CHAE2 Charonea APHR2 Aphrodisias BOEA1 Boeae GYTH1 Gythium CROM1 Crommyon PHRE3 Phreyattys ACAD1 Academy (this is at the bottom of the Areopagus, I believe) DRAB1 Drabescus DECE1 Decelea TANA1 Tanagra BRAU1 Brauron OROP1 Oropus RHAM1 Rhamnus OLYN1 Olynthus LYCE1 Lyceum ZOST1 Zoster PROS2 Prospalta ANAV1 Anavyssos / Anagyrus PRAS1 Prasies / Prasiae MYRR2 Myrrhinus PHYL1 Phyla ATHM1 Athmonia / Athmonon AMAR2 Amarynthus ACHA5 Acharnae HYME2 Hymettus PARN2 Parnes PENT3 Pentelicus LYCA6 Anchesmus / Mount Lycabettus CARY1 Carystus MACA3 Macaria SYEN1 Syene MERO5 Meroe EGYP1 Egypt OENO6 Oenoe 1.33.8? Isn't this a person? OROP1 Oropus and add this to Oropians ' description LEBA1 Lebadeia / Lebadea LECT2 Lethaeus / Lechaeum PYST1 Pysttalea TARE2 Tarentum PHAS2 Phaselis EURI2 Euripus Strait THRA1 Thrace PAGA1 Pagae SUSA1 Susa OLYM7 Olympia MINO3 Minoa PAGA1 Pagae AIGO1 Aigosthena AEGI11 (Library 2.1.1) PAUS 2 CROM1 Cromyon ISTH2 Isthmus LECT2 Lechaeum CRAN5 Craneum CROC3 Croceae SERI1 Seriphus Aethiopian plain in PAUS 1.33.4 should become a place? Mount Atlas in PAUS 1.33.5 and 1.33.6 Scirum in 1.36.4? Asopia or Ephyraea in 2.1.1? Heraeum in 2.17.1 needs to be created (Argive Heraeum?)


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January 3 2018

Added a new PERSName to the list which I'll eventually start working on and locations to the list for Jas. I also looked at two seemingly random well-formedness issues in the PAUS text that were lacking an end quote ie. " so I fixed those. I also edited a typo in CYLO1's description as well as LIBY3, EUBU2, LEMN1, and EVEN9218 and altered EURY3 and EURY50's descriptions to make them more distinguishable. I also changed EURY56 to AGRO1 because that was incorrect. And I created EVEN9428. Worked up to PAUS 1.29.14.


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Continued fixing errors in PAUS from the spreadsheet by making place/people entries.
I also made a polygon for the Aspyrtide Islands.


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DEC 19th

Continued working my way through the spreadsheet, fixing errors and adding place/person entries.


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DEC 15

Worked through errors on the spreadsheet, created new place entries, and marked them up.
I also Made polygons for Locris x3, Thesprotia, the cyclade islands, the Calymnos islands, The Balearic Islands, and the Tyrhenian Sea


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Dec 14

Made a polygon for achaea, and started adding people and places form the error spreadsheet.


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December 12

I fixed a typo in PAUS 1.23.10 which directed to ASOP1 instead of ASOP5, fixed a typo in ARIM2's description, XANT6's description, ARID1's description, and a typo preventing Sappho from being clickable in 1.25.1. I corrected PANA2's location with a Pleiades link and DEME2 and ANTG2's descriptions.I also fixed instances of Proconnesus' link being mesed up like PAUS 1.24.4's link from nothing to PROC6 and just went through some of the things that have not yet been labelled and come up as errors in PAUS on Oxygen. I added a lot of those to the new lists List of New PersNames Needed and List of Things to Get Double Checked. Completed up to PAUS 1.26.4.

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