Perieres(1,2), Cyrontes/Cyrontas


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Perieres(1,2), Cyrontes/Cyrontas

Alright, I'm going to try and be concise and specific. I came across the character Perieres (xml#perieres_1) in Apollodorus 1.9.5. It states:

"Perieres took possession of Messene and married Gorgophone, daughter of Perseus, by whom he had sons, to wit, Aphareus and Leucippus, and Tyndareus, and also Icarius. But many say that Perieres was not the son of Aeolus but of Cynortas, son of Amyclas"

Looking into it I found that there are two different Perieres's (xml#perieres_1 and xml#perieres_2). Both have the same wife, Gorgophone (xml#gorgophone_1) and the same children; except perieres_2 has an additional child Oebalus (xml#oebalus).

perieres_1 has two possible fathers; Aeolus (xml#aeolus_1) and Cynortas (xml#cynortas), and perieres_2 has Cynortes (xml#cynortes).
Looking into these characters I've started wondering if maybe perieres_1 and perieres_2 are the same character as well as cynortas and cynortes. Researching cynortes or cynortas online they come up as the same character with the same child; Perieres. They also have the same father, Amyclas (amyclas_3 and amyclas_2).

Do we make perieres_ and perieres_2 one? as well as cynortas and cynortes?
Anyway, I will attach my notes on the matter.


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