The Harpies


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The Harpies

The Harpies (group.xml#harpies) are said to be the daughters of Thaumas (xml#thaumas) and Electra (xml#electra_1) in Apollodorus 1.2.6. In the text it says;
"Now to Thaumas and Electra
were born Iris and the Harpies, Aello and Ocypete"

In characters.xml Iris (xml#iris), Aello (xml#aello) and Ocypete (xml#ocypete_1) are all recorded as the children of Thaumas and Electra.
However; when looking at group.xml#harpies there are several different characters stated as the Harpies:
Aello (xml#aello), Aellopus (xml#aellopus), Harpys (xml#harpys), Nicothoe (xml#nicothoe, Ocypete (xml#ocypete_1), Ocypode (xml#ocypode), Ocythoe (xml#ocythoe).

I was searching around in Apollodorus and in section 1.9.21 it says:

"Now it was fated that the Harpies should perish by the sons of Boreas, and that the sons of Boreas should die when they could not catch up a fugitive. So the Harpies were pursued and one of them fell into the river Tigres in Peloponnese, the river that is now called Harpys after her; some call her Nicothoe, but others Aellopus. But the other, named Ocypete or, according to others, Ocythoe (but Hesiod calls her Ocypode) fled".

From reading that text I feel that there are only two Harpies (aello and ocypete_1) and the other chracters.xml's made were the AKA's of these two. Am I right in assuming this?


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