Corinth and Ephyra


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Corinth and Ephyra

I was wondering about xml:id='corinth' and xml:id='ephyra'. In Apollodorus 1.9.3 'event_152' (Sisyphus founds Corinth) occurs. However, in the text it says:

"And Sisyphus, son of Aeolus, founded Ephyra, which is now called Corinth".

The places' descriptions and geographical locations are different. Their latitude and longitude are different, but aren't they the same place?
Also in citations; 'ephyra' is only cited at Apollodorus 2.7.6, when it clearly is mentioned at Apollodorus 1.9.3 as being founded by 'sisyphus'.
I looked up 'ephyra' in the whole text and it does get mentioned again separately, as does 'corinth'; so what must be done?

-- Hi Fj

It seems to me Ephyra in 1.9.3 is listed as the older name for Corinth, but in 2.7.6 a different Ephyra is mentioned. Check Ephyra on wikipedia, it correlates with 2.7.6 which is about Hercules going there. What I did was add an AKA to Corinth (aka Ephyra) and the existing Ephyra I updated its coordinates to the approximate location (just across Corfu and to the south). There was also an existing placename for "ephrya" with an AKA Kichyro like it says on wikipedia, which had incorrect coordinates so I deleted this entry. Both entries in apollodorus xml are tagged properly as well.


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