Character: Argus


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Character: Argus

There are 3 entries for Argus in the characters xml file, the first argus_1 is the builder of the Argo. The other two are giving me some confusion, particularly in Apollod. 2.1.3 when referring to argus_3 “Panoptes (all seeing)” who was tasked to guard the cow Io “…and Cercops says that he [argus_3] was a son of Argus and Ismene, daughter of Asopus". The best way I can try and explain this is with a small genealogy of argus_2 and argus_3 because it is hard to tell going from Apollod 2.1.1-3 which one exactly is which.

I attached my notes for sake of ease which contain genealogies.

So in summary I am confused and I believe Argus_2 as ruler of Peloponnese is the spouse of Evadne, but the Argus referred to as the possible father of Argus_3 along with Ismene_1 is a totally different Argus (a new #4) that may confusingly be just added in with the rest in these sections but would like clarification please!!


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