The Events of Tartarus in Apollodorus


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The Events of Tartarus in Apollodorus

While working on Apollodorus I was looking at the events of Tartarus. It shows that there are 5 events linked to it. The event that stood out to me was xml:id="event_7" (unspecified Titans shut up in Tartarus), because while reading further there was another event xml:id="event_15" (Titans imprisoned by the gods, guarded by the hundred-handers) and then I wondered if it was the same event or not.

Looking at the description of these events I found that "event_7" is cited as apollodorus-library_1.1.5; however reading it in context it seems the group shut up in Tartarus is the Cyclopes, who had been freed to aid Cronus and the Titans defeat their father, Sky. Then after Sky's defeat Cronus "again bound and shut them up in Tartarus".

"event_15" is cited as apollodorus-library_1.2.1, and in reading the text this is the first mention of the Titans being cast down to Tartarus.

My question is: is it possible that "event_7" is actually "Cyclopes cast down to Tartarus again" and not "Unspecified Titans shut up in Tartarus"?

** Hi Fj, I looked at these events and deduce that event_7 should be "Cyclopes cast down to Tartarus again", the person who originally entered the event must have read out of context "they" as being the Titans, but it is clear that it refers to "the brethren" in the previous sentence who are the Cyclopes. It has been changed to your description in the events.xml file. I have also added Arges, Brontes, and Steropes to the event from only Cronus. --Matthew


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