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The Events of Tartarus in Apollodorus

While working on Apollodorus I was looking at the events of Tartarus. It shows that there are 5 events linked to it. The event that stood out to me was xml:id="event_7" (unspecified Titans shut up in Tartarus), because while reading further there was another event xml:id="event_15" (Titans imprisoned by the gods, guarded by the hundred-handers) and then I wondered if it was the same event or not.

Looking at the description of these events I found that "event_7" is cited as apollodorus-library_1.1.5; however reading it in context it seems the group shut up in Tartarus is the Cyclopes, who had been freed to aid Cronus and the Titans defeat their father, Sky. Then after Sky's defeat Cronus "again bound and shut them up in Tartarus".

"event_15" is cited as apollodorus-library_1.2.1, and in reading the text this is the first mention of the Titans being cast down to Tartarus.

My question is: is it possible that "event_7" is actually "Cyclopes cast down to Tartarus again" and not "Unspecified Titans shut up in Tartarus"?

** Hi Fj, I looked at these events and deduce that event_7 should be "Cyclopes cast down to Tartarus again", the person who originally entered the event must have read out of context "they" as being the Titans, but it is clear that it refers to "the brethren" in the previous sentence who are the Cyclopes. It has been changed to your description in the events.xml file. I have also added Arges, Brontes, and Steropes to the event from only Cronus. --Matthew


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Deployed and updated

I've deployed the app to pear and all seems to be well.
Today I made a bunch of changes to the way character info gets generated and I had to make a few hundred changes to various xml files. I also began work on the map itself.
I've come to the conclusion that I need to completely rewrite the places.xql helper script as it's too reader-specific. I need to rewrite some of the xquery as functions. Once that is done I anticipate very rapid progress on completing the map features such that they duplicate the original map.
After that I can start working on journeys and a generic data browser which allows users to literally browse the data we've generated (places, characters, groups and events).


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kwic/lucene problems resolved

Take this paragraph:

<p>Some text in a paragraph
<note>blah blah note blah blah</note>
about something important.

and a lucene index which includes:

<ignore qname="tei:note"/>

My assumption was that, when using kwic, I would not get back any text inside of the note tag because I had excluded notes from my index but this is not the case. Searches using kwic consistently returned text from inside of the note element. As far as I can tell this is because kwic:expand expands the entire root node (in this case <p>), which includes the <note> THEN turns it in to plain text.

The result I was looking for was:
"..paragraph about something important"
but what I got was:
"...note blah blah something important"

Fortunately, KWIC is written in XQuery, so I re-created kwic and edited the get-context, truncate-previous and truncate-following functions to ignore notes using [not(ancestor::tei:note)]

I'm now using my GKWIC module to only print text nodes that are *not* ancestors of a tei:note element.


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Task for someone

In order to extend the application I propose to add STOA links to all place names in the places.xml file. This will add value to what we already offer by providing easy access to the extra resources of STOA. Here's an example:

We have sparse information on any given place - e.g. Athens. For Athens we have a name and the geolocation co-ordinates, whereas STOA has this:

If we add this: <placeName key="579885">Athens</placeName> to our athens entry we can add hooks to STOA data (or just links to the right STOA page) to our application.

We can extend this concept to include offsite links to other resources. For example, we can provide links to a document chunk in the Perseus site by providing an attribute that contains the Perseus chunk locator. If we want to link to the Perseus rendering of Apollodorus Library, book 1, chapter 1, section 4 we would provide this link:
The only non-obvious part is the document ID (19901.022), but I've added that information in to each text in our db as part of sourcedesc, thusly:
<idno type="perseus">1999.01.0022</idno>
so we can dynamically create a URL for connecting to a specific chunk in the Perseus site.


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Sangarius River

Apollo Epitome 1.6.15 -- updated "Sangarius" from character to place, and updated to "Sangarius River" in places.xml. The Sangarius River is the same as the Sakarya River, which lists coordinates as slightly different from those currently in the xml file. Sakarya coordinates (according to wiki) are 41.1264 by 30.6489. Currently in the xml file coordinates are 40.6327144965506 by 30.7067871093750.

I made this change, thanks for clarifying. Usually with rivers I find the coords are best placed at the terminus and the previous coords were somewhere along the flow it seems. The wiki coords are good. - Matt


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Island of Leuchophrys

In Apollo Epitome 1.3.25 should the island of Leuchophrys be added as an aka to Tenedos in the places xml file??

Added Leucophrys as an AKA for Tenedos - Matt

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In Apollo Epitome I've linked Agapenor (1.3.12) to agapenor_2, listed as a suitor of Helen; and Eurypylus (1.3.14) to eurypylus_7, and Antenor (1.3.29) to antenor_2, both listed as suitors of Penelope. Let me know if that is incorrect.

This is correct, I added these descriptions "Suitor of Helen" based on Simon's work (disambiguating the character_xx's). - Matt

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Is it worth creating a group "Demigods"? I'm sure I've only found partial listings online, so would the group be too large to be manageable?

I spoke with Greg about this and the best way to do this would be to start going through characters.xml and adding a tag "god" to appropriate characters. He could then use the relationships to determine all the demigods without having to go through all the demigods mechanically. We could start doing this in a way similar to the STOA ID's for places.xml, heuristically and as you come across them feel free to add. (I have been doing this for AKA's for all places and characters I come across as it cuts down time spent searching for which character is the right one for this event or that group etc.) - Matt

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Marathonian Bull

Should the Marathoninan bull mentioned at 1.1.5 in Apollo Epitome be added as a character? It is the same as the Cretan bull, who is noted as the father of the Minotaur but not a character in the xml file.

I added Cretan Bull (xml id is "cretanBull") and an AKA, Marathonian Bull to the characters.xml file. I am fairly certain this was a character and it vanished but regardless I added it to characters and marked it up in apollodorus.xml and in events.xml anytime "Cretan" or "Marathonian" bull came up. - Matt

Myths on Maps

This project will focus on deploying an interactive map of Europe with overlays for Greek and Roman myths, history, people and events. Development URL:



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