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Policy: Degrees of Character Participation in Events

In revising and expanding the events for The Iliad, we are consistently running into an issue regarding how to handle participants and the degree to which they participate. For example, the guidelines cite direct participants as being the only essential entry. However, there are many events which include characters with rhetorical weight in the prose, either as precipitant or conspirator, and there is no established guideline for how to include them.

It would be useful therefore to establish a guideline for including characters who are not just implicated, but precipitate an event. Arguably if an event occurs because of them then they are involved, simply on a more abstract level. A possible solution to this would be to add another level of characterization to events so that we could include them in the event but as distinct from those directly participating.


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To do please

I believe argiveTerritory in places.xml is the same as Argolis. If so, please make it an aka of Argolis and adjust texts accordingly.


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Changes that need to be made

Could someone take on the task of sorting out Heaven and Mount Olympus?
They are, as far as I can tell, interchangeable but this needs to be confirmed. If it is confirmed, we need to resolve all of the texts and events to reflect the change.
The problem is illustrated by going to Pausanias Desc 1.29.11 and clicking on Heaven, look at the citations that come up: all Pausanius. However, there are events associated with it that take place in heaven, but there's no mark up for, say, Apol. 1.6.3 that distinguishes heaven.


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Characters without descriptions / Places without co-ordinates

We're down to 45 characters that do not have a brief description.
To find them, run this xpath filter in the text field called 'XPath 2.0' at the top of the oXygen window: //person[not(note[@type='description'])]

We're also down to 42 places without co-ordinates. Run this filter to find them:

On another note, there are 57 places that have 'beyond' as their co-ordinates


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Search bug

It appears that if a search result is in the final chunk before a chapter change (e.g. 2.2.2 is that last chunk before chapter 2.3) the search doesn't deduce the location, so no link for you.

So, for example, do a search for 'Philyra' or 'Aegina'. The second result has no citation (the first one does).


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The Events of Tartarus in Apollodorus

While working on Apollodorus I was looking at the events of Tartarus. It shows that there are 5 events linked to it. The event that stood out to me was xml:id="event_7" (unspecified Titans shut up in Tartarus), because while reading further there was another event xml:id="event_15" (Titans imprisoned by the gods, guarded by the hundred-handers) and then I wondered if it was the same event or not.

Looking at the description of these events I found that "event_7" is cited as apollodorus-library_1.1.5; however reading it in context it seems the group shut up in Tartarus is the Cyclopes, who had been freed to aid Cronus and the Titans defeat their father, Sky. Then after Sky's defeat Cronus "again bound and shut them up in Tartarus".

"event_15" is cited as apollodorus-library_1.2.1, and in reading the text this is the first mention of the Titans being cast down to Tartarus.

My question is: is it possible that "event_7" is actually "Cyclopes cast down to Tartarus again" and not "Unspecified Titans shut up in Tartarus"?

** Hi Fj, I looked at these events and deduce that event_7 should be "Cyclopes cast down to Tartarus again", the person who originally entered the event must have read out of context "they" as being the Titans, but it is clear that it refers to "the brethren" in the previous sentence who are the Cyclopes. It has been changed to your description in the events.xml file. I have also added Arges, Brontes, and Steropes to the event from only Cronus. --Matthew


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Task for someone

In order to extend the application I propose to add STOA links to all place names in the places.xml file. This will add value to what we already offer by providing easy access to the extra resources of STOA. Here's an example:

We have sparse information on any given place - e.g. Athens. For Athens we have a name and the geolocation co-ordinates, whereas STOA has this:

If we add this: <placeName key="579885">Athens</placeName> to our athens entry we can add hooks to STOA data (or just links to the right STOA page) to our application.

We can extend this concept to include offsite links to other resources. For example, we can provide links to a document chunk in the Perseus site by providing an attribute that contains the Perseus chunk locator. If we want to link to the Perseus rendering of Apollodorus Library, book 1, chapter 1, section 4 we would provide this link:
The only non-obvious part is the document ID (19901.022), but I've added that information in to each text in our db as part of sourcedesc, thusly:
<idno type="perseus">1999.01.0022</idno>
so we can dynamically create a URL for connecting to a specific chunk in the Perseus site.


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Bug report

Bug: results containing anomalous citations
Place: Pylus
Char: Abas (1)
Cite: Apollodorus 1.9.9

Problem: Abas doesn't actually show up in 1.9.9

Also, in tracking this down I notice that when I look at the view (in phpMyAdmin) I get data that's cut off. Are the fields too short? How? Why?

Here's the view:
CREATE VIEW `view_characters_places` AS select
`view_events_characters`.`character_name` AS `character_name`,
`view_events_characters`.`character_id` AS `character_id`,
group_concat(distinct `view_events_places`.`place_name` order by `view_events_places`.`place_name` ASC separator ', ') AS `place_name`,
group_concat(distinct cast(`view_events_places`.`place_id` as char(20) charset utf8) order by `view_events_places`.`place_name` ASC separator ', ') AS `place_id`,
group_concat(distinct cast(`Places`.`latitude` as char(20) charset utf8) order by `view_events_places`.`place_name` ASC separator ', ') AS `latitude`,
group_concat(distinct cast(`Places`.`longitude` as char(20) charset utf8) order by `view_events_places`.`place_name` ASC separator ', ') AS `longitude`,
group_concat(distinct `view_events_places`.`citation` order by `view_events_places`.`place_name` ASC separator ', ') AS `citation`

from (
(`view_events_characters` join `view_events_places`) join `Places`
where (
(`view_events_places`.`event_id` = `view_events_characters`.`event_id`)
and (`Places`.`place_id` = `view_events_places`.`place_id`)
group by `view_events_characters`.`character_name` order by `view_events_characters`.`character_name`;


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The editor interface is getting really slow, so I'm going to break it up in to what I hope are logical components.
1) Core data: Authors, Characters,Citations, Events, Groups, Places
2) One-to-one relationships: CharToCharToCiteRels, EventToCharToCiteRels, EventToPlaceToCiteRels, GroupToCharToCiteRels
3) One-to-many relationships: GroupToCharRels, EventToCHarRels, PlaceToCharRels
4) Visualisation (uneditable/displays views only): view_characters_characters, view_characters_places, view_events_characters, view_events_places, view_groups_characters, view_places_characters, view_places_citations

Myths on Maps

This project will focus on deploying an interactive map of Europe with overlays for Greek and Roman myths, history, people and events. Development URL:



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