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Ported the dev code over to the live site

Replaced the existing live site code with the new version which includes the ability to choose which fields appear in search results.

I now have so many versions of this code running in so many projects I need to make sure I know where the latest versions are. The latest codebase is definitely the one in the AdaptiveDB right now; it also incorporates the oneToMany field updates, which are not used in the AdaptiveDB itself. Other codebases, though, incorporate PDF output code which is not in this codebase because it's not needed.

Adaptive Database

This project aims to design a flexible online database which can be set up as very quickly for a researcher requiring a relational database, and is easy to modify and extend. The Web GUI provides tools for data-entry in as simple and convenient a manner as possible, while also allowing data-integrity checks. The application development sandbox is currently at; and half a dozen UVic projects are already using the codebase. The code is managed through SVN here:



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