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Enabling Google Maps API for dev sites

API project 523327615704 in my Google Control Panel has the API key for Google Maps; it previously had only mapoflondon.uvic.ca registered, but I've now also registered the jenkins server and the new mapoflondon6 dev domain, and uncommented the relevant JS; we'll see how that works when everything filters through the build process. I'll have to deploy a new XAR of MoEML to the test location at some point, but I'm making a few other changes today so I'll wait. Did some other fixes to stub documents and publication statuses.


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Bug to fix

All pages have "Cite this page", even though listings pages and search results (for instance) aren't really citable, and the link fails.


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Created a dates.xml document

Our popup date information in the static build points to an explanatory page which is supposed to be at mol:dates, but no such file was there. I've created a basic stub with a couple of links, not yet published, but it will do the job for the moment.


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Working on indexes and search

I'm still trying to figure out how important it is to have exact phrase match searches working, and what the cost would be. Stopwords prevent exact phrase matches from working with the current lucene index (when the phrase contains a stopword, which it usually does); configuring other indexes just to allow this seems overkill. It may be that the way we're doing things now is fine -- although I notice that the minus sign does not work, so there's something I have to fix there.


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Cleanup of old code; fixes for Standard XML rendering; more bugfixes

JT's run of our diagnostic tools package against the Standard XML static output revealed thousands of errors, most falling into a few categories, which I've been addressing today:

  • rs/@target was assumed to be pointing at ORGS1.xml, but it could equally point to PERS1 or BIBL1. Fixed.
  • The obsolete facsimile pointers to images in the old tiled map display were not pointing at anything concrete. I've bitten the bullet and removed all of those references, along with pointers to them from elsewhere in the same file, and commented out resulting empty facsimile elements.
  • File + fragment pointers were being handled wrongly, with just '.xml' appended to them. I've fixed that.
  • The @change attribute on person elements (relating to their "publication status") only makes sense in the context of the PERS1.xml file, where they point to a specific change element; I'm now removing them where person elements are copied to another file.
  • Many files had actual errors that hadn't been caught before; I've fixed a lot of those manually.

I'm now building and validating various parts of the static process before I run the diagnostics again on the results.


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New category and changes to build process

I wanted an easy way to list all the Stow chapters in a table, and decided on a new category, mdtPrimarySourceStowChapter, which is added to the chapter files when they're generated. To make that work in the build, I had to rewrite the XML category file generation process so that it works from the site/xml/original documents (where these generated files are) rather than the XML source in /db/data (where they're not). In the process of doing that, I cleaned up the globals module so that it has no hard-coded paths in it; they're all relative to the baseDir now.


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Fixes to display of document tables

Following a request at the team meeting the other day, I've added document status displays to all the category listings pages.


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Team meeting, changes to draft display

Following a good team meeting with lots of discussion, I've made a formal link to the viewable-draft document so that it's easier for everyone to access drafts, and also fixed a bug in the class attribute generation that was preventing the display of the draft watermark.

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Map of London new build goes beta

The new static build version of the Map of Early Modern London project has now transitioned from alpha to beta, meaning that we believe all key features have been implemented and we're in bug-fixing mode.

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Working on Walsingham text, and fixes to the search in the new webapp

Got some sample transcription from KB, and did a test encoding, tweaking the XSLT and the schema too to get more worthwhile results.

Also fixed the problem with the generic search box on regular pages; it was missing some named hidden fields, so wasn't providing enough info to the search.xql file. I do need to make this a bit more robust, though; missing fields shouldn't break the results paging navigation as it does.

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