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implemented audio in website

Based on what I did for video elements, did similar thing for audio elements. Also, created smaller filesize versions of most of the short interviews (all but Lambert) using audacity and setting 7 in the options of the export box. Lambert source is different than rest, and I still have to do all the long audio files as well.
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video implemented

Added videoInArchive and videoInMediaFolder elements to schema (actually started with only video element but that proved inadequate),
added code in transform.xsl to transform that into a video element,
got Pat to provide preferred css for the video element and
put the video data file in the appropriate folder.

Now have working video element, for example in the ParksCanada video page in the archive. Still have to create an ogg version of the data file.


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added latest gui changes

PS asked for thin white line above and below main nav bar, which I implemented. Also wanted black text on white background for primary source text documents, which I did. Some of those documents have tables in them, and his css doesn't account for that, so I asked him to add the appropriate selectors and style rules.

For archive text documents with more than one page image, added the gallery feature so that you can go to next and previous large version of the page for that document.

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tidied up leading and trailing spaces

deleted extraneous leading and trailing spaces within elements (e.g. at start of title or paragraph) for all files in Franklin. Cost me an extra hour when I forgot to include a > character in the replace string for a multi-file grep search and replace so I ended up with 1200 instances of an illegal element name that I had to repair.


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images implemented

With Malcolm, finalized creation of images in various sizes needed for site (thumbnail, 500px wide, 1024px wide, original for images of artefacts, maps etc., thumbnail, original for images of pages of documents) and uploaded those to dev site.
Modified transform.xsl, generatePageImages.xsl and generateRelatedDocumentList.xsl files to get paths correct for various invocations of images.
Image page as related document: entry gets thumbnail (which when clicked on displays 1024px wide image in overlay div with next/prev/close controls) and full entry link, when when clicked on displays page for that image with 500px wide version, when that version is clicked on, displays original jpg.
Text page: page images display at bottom of page as thumbnails. Currently when they are clicked on, just displays the original jpg, but eventually when they are clicked on they will display the original jpg in the overlay with the next/prev/close controls.


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add jquery to see large images from image list pages

based on example page from PS, wrote xsl code to generate similar output for pages, but did not get same behaviour. Behaviour I got is what I would have expected; behaviour on PS's sample page is voo-doo to me. Wrote him asking if he could explain the problem.
As part of that, rewrote code that generates relatedDocument list so that there is now an initial branch for images vs non-images, rather than a number of small branches to specially handle images vs non-images.

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arrange images for standadized sizing

Got instructions from PS on standard sizes to use for images of
artefacts in archive:
thumbnails 100x100 (crop and resize), 500px wide to fit in content box, 1024px wide to fill page width, original
page images
thumbnails 100x133 (compromise aspect ratio), original, (maybe an intermediate size as well)
set up folder structure with copies of images for Gord and Malcolm to go through and process the files


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texts of webpages and archive documents done

Got edits from Lyle, processed by Gord, and posted them to the site. As far as I know that's it for the english texts for the webpages and the archival texts. We'll still have some bits and bobs to do with the transcripts of the four interviews, six expert interpretations and one video.
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added some of Pat's latest style tweaks

Started implementing Pat's latest styling on the lists of images, and individual image pages.


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text documents added to demo site

Changed the value of the subsection element in all the text documents I had in svnrepo/en3xml folder from "archive-archive" to e.g. "archive-text-privateLetter". Copied all those text documents in svnrepo/en3xml folder to the dev folder and processed them.
Added relatedDocument items to each of the archiveTextXXXIndex files. Uploaded it all to the demo folder.

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