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problem with multiple hosts and stats reappears

MF wants stats for use of the Mysteryquests. Because the commercial holders of the domain name used to also be the hosting service provider, they occasionally change the dns tables to point at the instance of the site on their server rather than the real production site on the uvic server. So, neither site's stats are correct. With Greg, wrote an email to MF saying the problems will continue as long as they continue to have anything to do with the commercial provider. We suggest they get a new service for the domain registration, migrate email addresses to Uvic services and get rid of everything on the current commercial provider and just let the agreement lapse.
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missing map on Vinland site, and layout problem

MF reported links to one map was broken. The actual image files (and pages that support them) were not on the site. She's going to try to find the images and if so will send them to me and I'll create the pages and post them to the site.

Layout problem with the list of maps. The css on the .citation specified clear all which caused those block to appear to the right of and below the nav bar rather than to the right. I changed the css rule to clear right and that solved the problem without introducing any problems I could find.

Canadian Mysteries

The Canadian Mysteries site consists of a production site containing 12 mysteries, a containing shell and 30 mysteryquests; and a database-driven development site. HCMC took over tech support in summer 08. This blog documents work done on the site from Sept 08. Earlier work is documented in the depts blog in posts prepended with CanMys



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