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Data Entry Guidelines

Carly, Greg, Dr. Bowman and Filiz met to determine some blanket rules for data entry that came up repeatedly as major issues. The following decisions were made:

Almost every sentence containing a verb becomes an "event".
Statements of interest will be included in the notes field and not as "events".
If Jim has Tiffany, Heather, Cody, Dylan and Dermot by Brandine, then these are entered as "relationships" ONLY, with the marriage, sex, conception and birthing implied, and not listed as actual events.
If two people get married and there's a huge hullabulou, then the marriage is listed as an event, and they are also entered as "relationships". Same for if it's a famous rape or birth. Marriage, sex and births aren't an event unless they're a big deal.

If someone is said to be somewhere, they should be linked to that "place" without a mediating, made-up event. eg. "Carly was in Victoria" becomes a link Carly=Victoria, not an event like "Carly existed in Victoria" and then link that to Carly and to Victoria.
If someone's going on a journey, make two "events". "Carly left Victoria to go home to Whitehorse for the holidays" becomes "Carly leaves Victoria", (one event, link to Carly and Vic) and "Carly arrives in Whitehorse" (another event, link to Carly and to Whitehorse).

If there is an embedded citation or contested information in the text, enter it as if it were true, make a note, and write Greg about it. We will make the notes field for this case available, and note the reported nature of the information. This happens most often for Character/Character/Citation.

Greg's going to see if he can create an "uber-character" that is a group that constitutes many characters that we can associate with events.

Carly's going to come up with a sample journey describing any one labour of Hercules from listing events in the database in order. Also continue answering any emails from Filiz and Amy.

Filiz is going to keep entering Apollodorus.

Dr.Bowman is going to finish disambiguating and eventually proof-read all this data.


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settle payments for Lansdowne data preparation

Worked out arrangements with AS of Dean's office to pay CM the agreed-on lump-sum of $1190 for digitizing work on Lansdowne. AS will take care of this.


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April 20 Update

Yesterday I booked all of the movies left, and plan to digitize them over the next two weeks.
For exporting videos in iMovie, use: stream dv; NTSC; Progressive Scan Mode; 4:3 ratio; 44.100.
Jouet was in iMovie from before, I exported and handbraked it, and put it on the server.
O'Reilly was captured, exported and handbraked, and I put it on the server.
Halle was captured and exported.
At start of week I had 22 hours left.


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February 9-12

I captured Jouet.
I handbraked Calder.
I re-exported Klepfisz in standard ratio to see how big a difference it made.


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February 2-5

I captured Pestureau and Calder.
I exported Klepfisz and Pestureau.
I handbraked Klepfisz and Pestureau.
Booked Iannnucci, Aronoff and Jouet, and renewed Calder. Returned Calder, picked up those three.
Transcribed Feeney to 01:02:27, finished transcribing him to 1:19.
The handbrake pre-sets aren't holding very well, I need to double check everytime to make sure they've been applied.

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January 25-29

I borrowed Hockey, Parker, Calder, Klepfisz and Pestureau. I captured Klepfisz, and exported it, Parker and Klepfisz. Handbraked Parker. Transcribed Feeney from 32.50-44:09.


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January 18-22

Checked hours worked, backed-up everything new to the server.
Captured Penelhum, Hockey and Parker.
Exported Penelhum.
Handbraked Skal, Barber, McGann, and Penelhum.
Worked on transcribing Feeney.
Greg rebuilt the computer, and we had to figure out new presets for HandBrake. We set it at 640 width for archive, and 480 for web versions, with no anamorphic. Tried exporting Hockey under these conditions to see how that would go.
Reviewed my old notes from October, the settings we talked about using were: MP4s, H264, any bit-rate, 2-pass encoding, 30 fps, and 768x576 for archive. For web, deinterlace on fast, anamorphic "none", keep aspect ratio, 320x240, 15 fps. Although all these numbers were our first try, and may have been adapted as the project progressed.


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January 11-15

I checked the status of my work since December and Greg fixed my handbrake problems.

I re-exported Nepveu and produced web and archive versions of it.
I made web and archive versions of Jones and Shkandrij.
I borrowed 5 tapes from the library, due next Tuesday.
I captured, edited and exported McGann and Barber. Captured Penelhum.

Braeburn has been acting up a lot, so I have double checked my back-ups on the server, and Greg has said he will try to rebuild it.

Lansdowne Lectures

This pilot project which will determine best practices for the digitizing, archiving and publishing of UVic's Lansdowne lecture series. The existing collection, primarily stored on videotape, will be digitized and archived in the first phase. The second phase will address the accessibility of the material to the general UVic population. The intent is to produce a web-based application that will allow users access to all of the lectures produced within the Faculty of Humanities.



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