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December 1-4

Tues - I digitized Skal and Shkandrij, and Handbraked them. I Handbraked Nepveu and redid a web version of Hammel. I also worked on transcribing Feeney.
Wed - Braeburn is acting up. It froze yesterday and didn't do any of the hand brake tasks I assigned it when I left, and I am trying to do them over today. I'm also ripping Jones.


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November 24-27

I edited Konstan on iMovie and left it to export. I learned to use Mac the Ripper and used it to rip Suny and Barchiesi. I then HandBraked Suny and Barchiesi into web and archive versions.


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Carly Update

I captured Leiter and exported it. Started to capture Konstan. Started to transcribe Feeney.


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Mid Novemeber

I tidied up the previous capture files, by making web versions of Hammel, Gregory and Belsey and archive version of Gregory and Belsey so that we now have a complete collection of files from the captured tapes. I borrowed three tapes, and captured Nepveu, which is being difficult. I will see how it turned out Friday. I also finished the Fries transcription.


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First Week of November

I captured Belsey and worked on Fries' transcription.


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Progress Report

This week I captured Hammel, Gregory and Feeney. Yesterday I started to learn HandBrake and MetaX. Greg and I created editing profiles for web and archive versions, which I applied to Feeney today. I've been working on transcribing Fries lecture while the computer thinks, and I'm about 20 minutes into it.


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Library Negotiations

I went to the library and talked with Imba Kehoe, who said she would try to renegotiate my borrowing privileges for the purpose of the project. When I went to go borrow the movies the Media Centre Supervisor Jennifer Medd just changed my permissions then and there. I can now borrow 5 films for a week on my own card, as well as pre-book these films and request extensions without penalty.
Borrowed Gregory and Feeney. Digitized Gregory.
Discovered Kampen was missing from the library. It may only be misplaced, or it may be actually missing. Jennifer's going to try to figure out what's going on, and let me know tomorrow when I check in with her. If it's really gone, I may be able to get special permission to remove the archived version from the library to digitize it.


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ask dean's office how to pays for Lansdowne markup contractor

When we were allocated money to pay for digitization/markup of lansdowne videos, SB told me to contact AS regarding logistics. We're now about to hire a contractor so, I contacted AS, who said she'd check into it and get back to me.


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First Day

I digitized Eugene Hammel "The Yugoslav Labyrinth in Perspective", 3 April 1997. I discovered that currently the library will lend me as many tapes as I want, but they are all due back the next day 3pm. Greg gave me an overview of the project, explained what I would be doing, and taught me to digitize tapes.


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Budget sent to SB

Created a simple budget for digitizing the remaining 33 videos from the original 50, and sent it to SB to see if she can find the funding.

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Lansdowne Lectures

This pilot project which will determine best practices for the digitizing, archiving and publishing of UVic's Lansdowne lecture series. The existing collection, primarily stored on videotape, will be digitized and archived in the first phase. The second phase will address the accessibility of the material to the general UVic population. The intent is to produce a web-based application that will allow users access to all of the lectures produced within the Faculty of Humanities.



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