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print timetable view anomaly with 2 tabs open

User reported on the social sciences instance of Agenda that if you click on print timetable view, all that happens is that the view changes to list view. After some experimentation I noticed that if i click on timetable view, then click on Print Timetable view, the printable view appears in a new tab and the original tab goes to list view. If I then click on timetable view again and click on Print Timetable view again (with the second tab still there), then the second tab is updated but focus doesn't go there, so all I see is that the first tab goes from timetable view to list view. This is fairly conventional browser behaviour for dependent windows (usually popups).
Emailed user to get confirmation that's the problem. If so, I'll see what if anything I'm able to do to change the behaviour. It may not be necessary if she knows to just click on the second tab.


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demonstration of Agenda

Backed up Clifton doing presentation of Agenda to Physical Education people. Also in attendance were DCST people (Perry, Jessica etc.) with implementation and support questions.

They decided to install an instance of the software as it is, get their data in and if they like that basic feature set, then contract with Clifton for additional feature. They list their courses by departments but also categorize them by "program" so would like to be able to filter each dept's offerings by which program(s) they're associated with.

I sent PP a copy of the front end files and an sql dump which I hope is enough to create all the tables and populate those that need populating.


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disable code suppressing Spring sections of Year courses

Formerly, the manage_calendars.php page that was checking year courses and if the Spring details were identical to the Fall courses suppressing the display of the Spring section in the Lists and Timetable views. Changes in the room bookings system mean that Spring halves of year courses should be displayed even if details identical to Fall half. Three instances modified. Included comments in the code so that if needbe we can easily re-enable the previous behaviour.


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yet another modification to Y course output

Modified the php in manage_calendars.php that generates the audit view, list view, print list view and timetable view (100 instances) so that courses formerly referred to as PHIL100 Y01 F and PHIL100 Y01 S are now represented as PHIL100 A01 F1 and PHIL100 A01 F2 (based on instructions from Ron Stevens via LL).
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complete modifications of equipment lists

I ensured the strings describing the equipment were compliant with current standards and consistent in the UI and in the javascript that controls the UI on these pages in the Agenda site:
the Equipment Requests column in the List view
the Req. Equipment area in the Submit A Course Offering window
the Req. Equipment area in the Edit A Course Offering window

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Change how "Y" courses are displayed

I've modified the code so that what formerly appeared as: HCMC199 Y12-S now appears as: HCMC199 A12-Y-S In each of the various reports. Emailed LL to see if that's acceptable.


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tried to consolidate code that writes timetable - failed

The php that writes the timetable consists of about 100 instances of 100 lines of code which differ by only three short strings from each other. I tried to write a function which would accept those three strings and write out the block, but couldn't get it to work. In fact, when I copy the code from the cell to the function and then call the function, everything seems to execute, but no text appears in the table cell. I gave up after a couple of hours.

I also modified the way Y courses are handled. Instead of Y01-S, they now appear as A01-Y-S.


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display term letter A instead of F or S in display list

Added bit of code in manage_calendars to the if(strcmp("display_list",$do_what)==0 section to force the letter A to appear as the term indicator rather than the S or F that used to appear there. The actual data still contains the S or F. I also wanted to indicate whether an "A" course was offered in the spring or fall, so put that in a parentheses after the formal course offering code. I'll have to make similar modifications to the code outputting the various other reports. /* this block modifies the display so that if the term letter is F or S, then an A is displayed before the course number and (F) or (S) is displayed after; if term letter is anything else, simply displays the letter as before */ $display_term_letter_before = ""; $display_term_letter_middle = $cal_information[3]; $display_term_letter_after = ""; if ($cal_information[3] == "F" || $cal_information[3] == "S") { $display_term_letter_before = "A"; $display_term_letter_middle = ""; $display_term_letter_after = "(" . $cal_information[3] . ")"; }


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investigate proposed changes to Agenda

I have altered the list of equipment choices, but not tested the changes thoroughly.

I have changed all instances of "TT#" to "CRN#".

I'm unable to figure out how to change the default in the SESSION dropdown to Winter 2009/2010. It's currently selecting SUMMER 2008 and I can't find any code which might be causing that to happen. Clifton reports that the GUI should provide a feature for changing that setting.

They also want "A" to appear instead of "F" or "S" for fall and spring courses. I'm pretty sure the db relies on the F or S in that field to determine whether a course is in the spring or fall. Clifton confirms that and says to change only what they see in the GUI and not what's in the DB and being processed behind the scenes.


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As of the 16th of November the following changes have been made to Agenda:

The Timetable view was removed from the requester user status. Now when the requester logs in they are greeted with the offering request page.

I added the employee number to the offerings list report and programmed this new feature so that it only appears on printed reports when the administrator is logged in.

I also added the title of the courses to the audit report and enabled the sorting ability to that column.

Lastly, I added the unit value for each courses and completed functionality so that new units can be added, edited and deleted fro the course system.

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Agenda is a web-based program that allows departments to schedule course proposals and generate forms required by UVic's central room-booking service. It includes three categories of users for each department (dept admininstrator, requester, guest) each with different privileges.



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