Meeting with SD


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Meeting with SD

Met with SD today to discuss XML structure, namely the possible elimination of the rec_rep element. We came to the logical conclusion that, since the rec_rep element itself no longer has any useful information (it's all been moved to child elements), the element has become redundant and can be removed. So, I updated the proofing file to reflect the structural change and wrote an XSLT procedure to transform the files.



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Capital Trials at the Old Bailey

Simon Devereaux has approximately 10,000 records of people convicted in potentially capital cases between 1710 and 1840 in London heard at the Old Bailey court. This project will create a web-based database which will allow interested researchers and members of the public to compose queries on that data (e.g. women charged with robbery 1710-1720). It must be able to support a range of queries and produce output allowing researchers to identify trends in judicial practice over that time.



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