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1730-1759 ready for OBPO

SD sent me the 1750s data. I've added empty <OBPO_ref> and <judge_respite_OBPO_ref> elements to each trial for the 1730s, 1740s and 1750s. I've also updated the rng file to bailey_2013-11 which requires the presence of those elements and that their contents be either empty or a regular expression t\d{8}-\d{1,2} (for example t17380914-4). I've sent him back an xml file containing the data for all three decades for him to add the OBPO references.


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proofing of data files

SD has begun a thorough proofing of all the data files. I've created a v2 folder in the data folder to hold the revised data files from him. Once I have them all, I'll then have to clean out the relevant tables in the database and repopulate them, using the already established procedure. So far we've done a couple of decades and I've had to modify the petty-treason crime and add a couple of judges.
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adding field for reference to Bailey Online

SD wants to add a reference to the BaileyOnline site to records in our dataset. Most likely candidates now are
the trial element (in case there is more than one trial in a trial-file and each trial links to a different reference in BaileyOnline)
the judges_respite element (the reasoning for a judges respite is often found in a different Bailey Online reference than the documentation of the original trial).

I've asked SD to confirm that for each trial or judges_respite, there is only one reference to Bailey Online. If that's right, then I'll proceed to update the data files, the rng schema, the mysql tables and the code that displays values in query results.


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process 1820-1824 xls to xml

SD sent me an spreadsheet with the 1820 to 1824 data in it. Found a little "how-to" file which explained the steps to turn that into an xml data file with schema for validating. Did the process and noticed that two of the fields had values swapped. Checked the xslt and sure enough
found this:

<crime_normalized><xsl:value-of select="Crime_Group"/></crime_normalized>
<crime_group><xsl:value-of select="Crime_Normalized"/></crime_group>

which I corrected to this:

<crime_normalized><xsl:value-of select="Crime_Normalized"/></crime_normalized>
<crime_group><xsl:value-of select="Crime_Group"/></crime_group>

Also noticed that the import changed all integer values to floating point, (e.g. 16 became 16.0), and only integers are valid in the various field (age, weeks, months, years etc.) Just did a grep search and replace to fix those.

Huge majority of 100+ remaining invalid instances are mercy appeals where Simon has entered something like jury/prosecutor and the XML requires a separate mercy appeal for each proponent.

XML file now with SD to make remaining corrections, then return to me, at which point I'll follow the rest of the how-to procedure to render back to relational data and upload to db.

Capital Trials at the Old Bailey

Simon Devereaux has approximately 10,000 records of people convicted in potentially capital cases between 1710 and 1840 in London heard at the Old Bailey court. This project will create a web-based database which will allow interested researchers and members of the public to compose queries on that data (e.g. women charged with robbery 1710-1720). It must be able to support a range of queries and produce output allowing researchers to identify trends in judicial practice over that time.



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