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Colonial Despatches: RG7 G8C Volume 12 page-images added to Colonial Despatches collection

520 new page-images (in three different sizes) from the following volume have been added to the Colonial Despatches collection: RG7 G8C Vol 12 (BC 1865 Despatches from London). These will now be linked into the transcription documents.


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Meeting on next 3 years

Met with JL, GL and KW to discuss plans for the next three years of accelerated work to complete the project.

Colonial Despatches

The Colonial Despatches is an XML database project which is creating a digital archive containing the original correspondence between the British Colonial Office and the colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia. The project lives at, and the web application runs on the Pear dev Tomcat. The XML data is managed in SVN at


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