New Fire Insurance maps


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New Fire Insurance maps

There are five new maps now online. These are fire insurance maps of Victoria for 1903, whch were scanned from slides that were copied from ancient, faded slides of the originals, that were produced by BC Archives a couple of decades ago. There are 72 individual sheets, each about 2700 x 3200 pixels. I have combined these into five images, each containing multiple sheets. The combined images are now online (menu Maps | Victoria | Fire Insurance Maps | 1903). Some parts of the city, particularly (and sadly) the downtown core, are not covered, since the slides for those areas have gone missing.

The images are a bit rough; the slides were fuzzy and badly faded, so much enhancement was required in Photoshop. The maps are readable, for the most part, though the smaller text (house numbers, for instance) are too blurred to read.

The individual sheets are not yet online. That will have to wait until later.


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