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add building permits table and populate it

Created a building permits table in the vihdev db. Noticed that to auto-increment the building_permit_id field, you have to reference a sequence, so created the necessary sequence modelled on others I found in the db (census tables).

Processed the raw data file (spreadsheet) into normalized data (typed a couple of the data fields that I could e.g. int or date and normalized data to comply with the constraints I had established e.g. length of varchar fields). Saved that as a CSV (rather than tab-delimited) as the documentation seemed to favour the CSV approach.

Only substantial fiddling I had to do with the data was for all the records whose date field was only a year (e.g. 1889), I arbitrarily assigned them the 1st of January (e.g. 18890101) as the date field requires 8 digits.

Once that instance uploaded successfully, did the exact same thing in the production instance, just so I have a second copy of the thing somewhere.

Once that was all working in the dev instance of the db,


viHistory is a web site that is a teaching, learning and research tool. It's principally about the history of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, but it is also a vehicle for exploring the larger field of Canadian history during the late 19th and early part of the 20th century. It allows census, directory and tax assessment roll data from the late 19th and early 20th centuries to be searched in many ways. It also incorporates IMaP to display historical maps. The project director is Dr. Patrick A. Dunae.



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