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GRS : expedite site proposal

Met with JS and Judy to talk about issues with site proposal. Revised site based on JS's input and Judy submitted that to BB for approval, which came back. Meanwhile JS would expedite the provisioning of the account so that we would have enough time to create some of the sections and pages for BB and SB to work on at the upcoming Cascade training session. Proposal submitted to information architects.
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PAAS : submit dept site plan to communications

Met with Martin and three people from PAAS to finalize proposed site plan. Made modifications and circulated to all and to JS at communications.


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GRS : get ball rolling on site proposal

Turns out that the GRS site proposal hasn't got past JS, which she and Judy try to schedule a meeting. I proposed a day and time which worked out. We got input from JS, and submitted an updated proposal after getting OK from BB. JS is expediting the provisioning of the site in advance of cascade training session next week, and we expect to hear back from information architects at about the same time.

Update of Humanities Sites

This blog is for work done creating and major updating of departmental and similar sites. Routine text edits etc. are logged in the Depts blog.



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