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hisp : plan for current and new site

After discussion with Martin on managing requests to maintain current hispital site and on Judy on the status of the new Cascade site, met with Judy and DR to work out a plan. DR will limit requests to upgrade current site to minimum. Judy will copy and paste content from existing site into Cascade structure (which we've already built), for Dan to edit, and will note where content is missing or duplicated. DR will then provide missing content and resolve duplications (as needed). Judy and DR to sort out exactly who will do what kind of edits.

Judy migrated the biggest section (undergraduate) for DR to review while Judy is away the last two weeks of the calendar year.

I helped her with rewriting some of the relative links (some of which were relative to pwd and some of which were relative to root of site - neither of which of course were any good in the new environment). Also had to rewrite relative links to old exams, exercises etc. as absolute links as the new site will not be on the save server as the collection of exams, exercises, etc.

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medi : add Stories of Gold stuff to dept site

MM sent a request to shuffle content out of the medi-online page to a resources at other places page, which I did (involved, of course, fiddling with the famously fragile navigation scheme in one css and two js files). Added some new content to the medi online page to replace the stuff that had been transferred to the resources at other pages page.


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medi : update navigation

Reorganized the items and subitems (renaming, shuffling of order) in the nav system on the dept site. Notoriously tricky to do because of the interactions between the css for the shields and the javascript array that contains the information used to generate the cells containing the shields.

Whole thing is brittle: the last main item must not contain any subitems or the whole thing fails. If you add a seventh shield to the home page, it's almost impossible to get the right-most one to not be cropped.

Also there is a duplicate js structure for the navigation for all other pages on the site, so had to modify that.
Finally, for those subitems I put in new main menus, I had to edit the link to the image in the html for those pages.


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update donation information on site

University has a new online setup for accepting donations to specific depts, projects:
user has to:
go to
click on Other in the Designation field
enter the name of the dept, project, scholarship in the text box that appears.
complete form

Implemented this on the medi site.


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hcmc : updating proposal procedure, mandate and admin sections of new site

Over last couple of weeks, I've been putting in a couple of hours here and a couple of hours there editing the dev HCMC site, especially sections dealing with project proposals and related "what we can do for you" type stuff. The pages on the HCMC and DH committee mandates etc. will be revised after discussion of proposed changes at the next DH ctte meeting.


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grs : meet regarding new website

Met with Martin and MM to talk about a new GRS website in the cascade environment, what's involved and the various pros and cons. The department will probably go ahead with this, and will start planning the structure of the site. They'll then meet with us again to review the spreadsheet and tweak it for submission to wherever it goes so that we can get an account on cascade provisioned.


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take in calendar files as XML or as text for rendering into data for course widgit

The page declares itself as html 4.01 transitional and is not well-formed XML. I opened it as a plain XML file in Oxygen:
- bunch of self-closing elements which don't have a close tag or "/>",
- bunch of upper-case element and attribute names
- couple of missing li elements to contain nested lists.
So, we'd have to do maybe a dozen regexp string manipulations to take the raw file and turn it into well-formed XML source, but those same regexps could probably be used to create output XML instead.

The page also declares itself as html 4.01 transitional and is even further from well-formed XML. We need only a pretty small and simple snippet from the page which, so again we'd probably have to take that in as text. The regexps to turn it into a usable XML source would be more, and more complex, than the regexps to create the desired output XML

The page also declares itself as html 4.01 transitional. It's a long way from XML, too, so again I figure we'll likely be treating this as text rather than an xml structure.

Pattern is pretty clear. Right now, it looks like we should take in the files as text rather then xml, and run regexps to generate the output XML we want. I don't think it's viable to take in the calendar files as XML, and I don't see sufficient value in taking the raw html as text and using regexps to render an XML (or XHTML) version of the input structure and then doing XSLT on that XML to generate the output XML


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engl : how widget is getting course and offering information

It looks like the English dept widget is doing something like what our code for the Philosophy site does, only more ambitious. Namely, they {
- go to where DEPT is the four letter department code, e.g. ENGL
- create a list of all the courses offered from that page
- for each item in that list (where XXX is the course number, e.g. 101) {
- - go to
- - get the course description, credit units and hours
- - ask banner for offerings in each of summer, where YYYYMM is the year and month of the start of the term, e.g. 201205, 201209, 201301)
- - for each offering {
- - - get CRN, section, instructor, time and place of offering

I don't know if they're doing a bunch of regexp string processing or some actual XML parsing. The stuff they're working from is pretty ugly, but it is machine generated, so presumably consistent for parsing.

Here's a snippet from the file showing the entry for ENGL 101 which would be used to add an item for 101 to the list of courses offered by the department:

<h3 class='cdListLevel'>100-level courses
<a name="1L" href="CDs/ENGL/CTs.html#pageTop">
<img src='pix/toTop.gif' title='go to top' width='26' height='20' border='0' />
<ul class='CDTL'>
<a href="CDs/ENGL/101.html">
101&nbsp; Fundamentals of Academic Literacy

And here's a snippet from the file that would be used to get the course description, title, units and hours for ENGL 101 (the units and hours would have to be done by string rather than node processing):

<!-- SCD -->
<div id="CDpage">
<h1>ENGL 101</h1>
<h2>Fundamentals of Academic Literacy</h2>
<h3>Units: 1.5, Hours: 3-0</h3>
<p>Introduction to the reading and writing skills needed to meet the expectations of university-level academic study. Emphasis is on building proficiency in academic reading and writing through extensive practice. Suitable for students who need to strengthen their reading and writing skills before attempting a course that meets the Academic Writing Requirement.</p>
<p><b>Notes: - </b>Restricted to students who have not satisfied the Academic Writing Requirement.</p><p>- This course does not satisfy the Academic Writing Requirement.</p>

There are two snippets used to get the details of the course offering. First, the snippet from the file that would be used to provide all the details of the course offering except the number of seats available:

<TABLE CLASS="datadisplaytable" SUMMARY="This table lists the scheduled meeting times and assigned instructors for this class.."><CAPTION class="captiontext">Scheduled Meeting Times</CAPTION>
<TH CLASS="ddheader" scope="col" >Type</TH>
<TH CLASS="ddheader" scope="col" >Time</TH>
<TH CLASS="ddheader" scope="col" >Days</TH>
<TH CLASS="ddheader" scope="col" >Where</TH>
<TH CLASS="ddheader" scope="col" >Date Range</TH>
<TH CLASS="ddheader" scope="col" >Schedule Type</TH>
<TH CLASS="ddheader" scope="col" >Instructors</TH>
<TD CLASS="dddefault">Every Week</TD>
<TD CLASS="dddefault">10:30 am - 11:20 am</TD>
<TD CLASS="dddefault">TWF</TD>
<TD CLASS="dddefault">Clearihue Building D134</TD>
<TD CLASS="dddefault">Sep 05, 2012 - Dec 03, 2012</TD>
<TD CLASS="dddefault">Lecture</TD>
<TD CLASS="dddefault">Brock C. MacLeod (<ABBR title= "Primary">P</ABBR>)<A HREF="" target="Brock C. MacLeod" ><IMG SRC="/assets/self-service/admissions/icons/notcheck.gif" ALIGN="middle" ALT="E-mail" TITLE="E-mail" NAME="web_email" HSPACE=0 VSPACE=0 BORDER=0 HEIGHT=28 WIDTH=28></A></TD>

And here's a snippet from (where NNNNN is obtained from the course offering query above) from which you'd obtain the number of seats available (and/or the length of the waitlist):

<TABLE CLASS="datadisplaytable" SUMMARY="This layout table is used to present the seating numbers." width = "100%"><CAPTION class="captiontext">Registration Availability</CAPTION>
<TD CLASS="dddead">&nbsp;</TD>
<TH CLASS="ddheader" scope="col" ><SPAN class=fieldlabeltext>Capacity</SPAN></TH>
<TH CLASS="ddheader" scope="col" ><SPAN class=fieldlabeltext>Actual</SPAN></TH>
<TH CLASS="ddheader" scope="col" ><SPAN class=fieldlabeltext>Remaining</SPAN></TH>
<TH CLASS="ddlabel" scope="row" ><SPAN class=fieldlabeltext>Seats</SPAN></TH>
<TD CLASS="dddefault">24</TD>
<TD CLASS="dddefault">23</TD>
<TD CLASS="dddefault">1</TD>
<TH CLASS="ddlabel" scope="row" ><SPAN class=fieldlabeltext>Waitlist Seats</SPAN></TH>
<TD CLASS="dddefault">100</TD>
<TD CLASS="dddefault">4</TD>
<TD CLASS="dddefault">96</TD>

And here is a snippet of the XML from the English widget, with lots of whitespace and comments added by me:

id value is a conventionalized date, name value is concocted based on value in id
name="Second Term: Jan - Apr 2013"
value of both fields is concocted by code - nothing to do with calendar or banner
title="First Year Undergraduate"
value for each of these fields is scraped from . The value for XXX is scraped from */
title="Fundamentals of Academic Literacy"
value for each of these fields is scraped from except for open, which is obtained by scraping where NNNNN is the crn value obtained in the query just above.
dates="Jan 03, 2013 - Apr 05, 2013"
instructor="Suzan J. Last"
open="0" /* not sure where they're getting this value from */
time="1:00 pm - 2:20 pm"
where="Clearihue D130"


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GRS : expedite site proposal

Met with JS and Judy to talk about issues with site proposal. Revised site based on JS's input and Judy submitted that to BB for approval, which came back. Meanwhile JS would expedite the provisioning of the account so that we would have enough time to create some of the sections and pages for BB and SB to work on at the upcoming Cascade training session. Proposal submitted to information architects.
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PAAS : submit dept site plan to communications

Met with Martin and three people from PAAS to finalize proposed site plan. Made modifications and circulated to all and to JS at communications.


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GRS : get ball rolling on site proposal

Turns out that the GRS site proposal hasn't got past JS, which she and Judy try to schedule a meeting. I proposed a day and time which worked out. We got input from JS, and submitted an updated proposal after getting OK from BB. JS is expediting the provisioning of the site in advance of cascade training session next week, and we expect to hear back from information architects at about the same time.


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HCMC : Cascade account provisioned

Heard back from JS that our site plan was approved and we have had an account provisioned. Assigned Judy and Greg to work together (Judy's worked on one more-complex site already, and Greg wants to learn the ropes of how the environment works) to structure and populate the site.

Update of Humanities Sites

This blog is for work done creating and major updating of departmental and similar sites. Routine text edits etc. are logged in the Depts blog.



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