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Meeting re: Martin Segger project

Had a meeting with Scott and Chris Petter that involved a discussion of Martin Segger's architectural plans project, with reference to possible use of IMaP for presentation. So far we don't know what the project requirements are, so it is not possible to say if IMaP is suitable.


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Updates to IMaP (v1.39)

The administration utility Project page displayed the names of all of the maps in the project. The viHistory map project has over 30 maps, which made the map name display unworkably large. The display has been replaced with a simple count of the maps and templates in the project.

There was a bug on the administration utility Project | Map Control page that would have allowed the user to select a template as the default map. This is a Bad Thing. Templates will no longer be displayed in the default map selector.

The IMaP demonstration site has been updated. It now has a link to a page where the source code and documentation can be downloaded (as a ZIP file). The page also lists the system requirements. A link to the viHistory maps section has also been added to the examples.

The IMaP demo site and viHistory site have been updated. The Map of London site is not affected.

Image Markup and Presentation

IMaP is a tool for the markup and display of very large images on the web. It is mostly used for displaying maps with overlays, but can be used to display any image. Images can be marked up with the HCMC Image Markup Tool or the open source Inkscape drawing program.



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