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Static site complete

The new static build process is now complete, including all the DC header stuff, the teiHeader display widget, and the search page (which of course won't do anything until it's in the context of a webapp). With HT's approval, I have now switched all the old URLs over to the new on the existing site, and added 301 redirects through the sitemap.xmap. See the relevant stanzas there to see how it's done; I doubt we'll ever need to do this sort of thing again with such an old Cocoon, but it took me a while to figure out. I still need to add validation to the build process.


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Substantial changes to the webapp

I've given up trying to figure out how XEP is working on Peach (or why changes to its configuration don't work), and although I'll keep implementing those changes, I've now moved over to a system where PDFs are pre-built and uploaded to Peach, and just serialized from the sitemap. I've also put new URLs in place alongside the old, so you can go to scancan.net/arthur_1_24.htm and get the HTML page, as well as pdf/arthur_1_24.pdf to get the PDF and similarly for the XML. I'm waiting to hear from HT about whether we should switch over to using these URLs in the site as a whole, and send out 301s for the old ones. Had to re-learn some Cocoon foo to do all this, but it looks like it might be quite straightforward to manage a transition to the new URL structure on the old site, and run it for a good while that way, then roll out a new Jetty/eXist as with other Endings projects when we're ready.

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Arthur translation corrected

I've done all the corrections to the Arthur translation, including:

  • Removing the numbering
  • Spacing out the separate sections
  • Moving the notes from the English side to the original text
  • Two textual corrections the translator asked for

and the PDF is now all good from the point of view of character display.


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Arthur translation: font issues

Some unusual Unicode chars were not rendering properly in the new translation. I discovered that they were not available in the old Gentium fonts we were using, but they were supported in the latest 2014 versions, so I downloaded those and reconfigured xep.xml to get them working locally. When I went to do the same on Peach, I discovered that although it appears that XEP is running in cocoon-legacy/resources/xep, and that's certainly where it's looking for its fonts (which I proved by moving some temporarily), adding the new fonts and changing xep.xml there doesn't solve the problem. It seems that XEP must actually be running somewhere else. There is a version at /home1t/tapor/xep, and that might be the one whose xep.xml needs to be updated, but that file is not group-writable and we don't have the login for the tapor user. I've asked sysadmin to make it gw so I can experiment with changing that one. But the oddest thing is that both the xep batch files on the server are pointing at Java 1.6, which is not there, so either there's yet another installation, or it's being run directly by the Jar file somehow. We need to get away from this dependency, perhaps even sooner than I had planned.

Also did some XSLT work to allow for side-by-side translations that don't need to have their rows numbered, which is the case for the new text, and fixed a couple of other things. More to do there.


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Finished corrigenda: now onto tei Header metadata rendering

The Corrigenda page is now done, so the last major task is rendering the metadata in the teiHeader. I'm adapting and slimming down the old code, which is painfully repetitive.


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More static output progress

Article, review and author listings pages are now being created and appear to be working. Fixed a number of bugs with CSS. Made the table sorting work in JS instead of by calls to the server for a new page (which static can't do); it's faster anyway. Remaining to do: Corrigenda, proofing list, and the XHTML front matter for articles and reviews, including the display of titles and the teiHeader rendering. After that I think we might be done, although of course we should be adding a bunch of Dublin Core to the headers.

I switched everything to XHTML5 to work around some CSS cascade annoyances, and I think it'll make more sense going forward anyway.


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More work on static output


  • Added an ant buildfile, with Saxon in the repo to do the XSLT.
  • Implemented cleanup and re-copying of resources as part of the build.
  • Fixed a range of rendering problems in the HTML.
  • Fixed the menu so the correct button for the page is "pressed".
  • Fixed a bunch of namespace problems (more to do, I think).


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Finished the new translation encoding

We may need to tweak the layout and rendering of this a bit; it's not ideal right now, and has some features (such as a row-numbering column) which were set up for the first translation and may not suit this one. Waiting for feedback. Also refined the tagging tools page a bit.


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New translation progress

Encoded the rest of the introduction and started on the side-by-side translation. Some questions sent to HT on style and duplicate note numbers.


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New translation encoding under way

The new translation document came in. The translation's not long, but there's a fair bit of intro material and lots of footnotes. Did the header, front matter and first few paras, along with the bibliography; I've left old content from the last translation in place so it's clear how the encoding is structured.

I did hit one strange error which took a while to resolve. When I copy-pasted text from the Word file open in LibreOffice into Oxygen, I got errors because of the inclusion of non-Unicode chars, specifically 0x7 and 0x8. After opening the document.xml file in Oxygen to see what these were, it turned out that these were the positions of bookmarkStart and bookmarkEnd elements in the text. I don't need the bookmarks, so I search-and-replaced all the bookmark elements away and saved back into the Word file archive; no more problems.

Tweaked the tagging-tools page a bit too, to handle editor list encoding better.

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