ETCL : more kludges for circleMagic


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ETCL : more kludges for circleMagic

Various solutions to 7-source constraint imposed by CirclMagic

<!-- kludge that generates solid first ring (which provides no information) and second ring of N coloured wedges with no grey ring outside -->
<id frequency="18">Cultures18</id>
<id frequency="2">Cultures18-sub1-1</id>
<id frequency="2">Cultures18-sub1-2</id>
<id frequency="2">Cultures18-sub1-3</id>
<id frequency="2">Cultures18-sub1-4</id>
<id frequency="2">Cultures18-sub1-5</id>
<id frequency="2">Cultures18-sub1-6</id>
<id frequency="2">Cultures18-sub1-7</id>
<id frequency="2">Cultures18-sub1-8</id>
<id frequency="2">Cultures18-sub1-9</id>

Above model could obviously be extended to include another ring for Major/Minor. We could use that first ring to indicate staff or public, then within each of those categories have a wedge for each author and the third ring for major/minor for each author.

One problem with any approach that uses the innermost ring as a placeholder is that if the user clicks on that ring, the rest of the circle is greyed out, and that effect makes more sense if the innermost ring is authors, not some grouping of authors.


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