MVP: Generating -ographies for Nostromo


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MVP: Generating -ographies for Nostromo

I've written some simple XSLT to compile a file called serOgraphies.xml from the three input files KT says are basically ready. The entries look like this:

<item xml:id="Charles">
   <rs n="1">Charles</rs>
   <rs n="3">Charles Gould</rs>
   <rs n="6">Don Carlos</rs>
   <rs n="2">Don Carlos Gould</rs>
   <rs n="1">Gould</rs>
   <rs n="4">Señor Administrador</rs>
   <rs n="2">Señor Administrador of the San Tomé Mine</rs>
   <rs n="1">their Señor Administrador</rs>

The @n values are the counts of instances of that particular epithet, so "Charles" occurs once, "Charles Gould" occurs three times, and so on.

I found and fixed a few encoding errors and oddities in the transcription files at the same time.

This is generated from <persName> tags, but it's simple to change to <rs> tags, add <event>s, etc. It's likely that tagging in the text will shift to <rs> from <persName>, so that e.g. non-human characters such as animals can be accommodated.


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