Kings DB: updates to db structure


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Kings DB: updates to db structure

Met with PC today, and discussed the db structure. We arrived at the following changes to be made this week:

  • Replace the datePrecision field in multiple tables with a plain text field called dateInfo, in the db, and then in local_classes.php.
  • When that's done, delete the datePrecisions table from the db and from local_classes.php.
  • Add a new multiline text field called sc_citation to the sources table, and include it in local_classes.php.

PC will also send over the latest block of biblio items he's collected into Zotero in MODS output format, which I'll then try running through my mods_to_sql.xsl file to create an import file and get them into the db. It's not clear how well this will work, but if it proves relatively simple it'll be worth doing to eliminate a lot of manual data entry.


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