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Graves: existing markup all converted to P5

I've now finished the conversion of the existing markup to P5, after a fair amount of work converting the references file from its proprietary XML to TEI. One puzzle remains (see below).

This is the collection structure I've got so far:

  • graves.rng (the schema; this will be a generic diary schema when we're done)
  • abstracts (XML files containing <div type="abstract">s)
  • editorial (XML files from which each root-level <div> will become a front page on the site -- e.g. <div id="home" n="Home">, which would result in a menu entry "Home") )
  • entries (XML files containing <div type="diaryEntry">s; we may just handle any root level <div>, and assume that all attachments, enclosures etc. are contained within root level <div>s. In this case, we'll have to check the structure of the Graves files.)
  • metadata (XML files containing metadata for the entire project. I don't yet know how these will be rendered, if at all.)

The puzzle: Bibliographic references have an "idno" field, and I'm not sure what kind of idno it is. For instance. "I, Claudius" has the idno "A42". It can't be a Cutter number, or it should begin with G.

These are not the unique ids used for linking <rs> elements in the text to references (which are stored in the id attribute); these are in addition to those. Also, these idnos are not unique; Graves's "Landscape" and Riding's "Letter on International Affairs" share the idno A36.

For the moment, I've preserved these as an <idno> element in the P5. This is the complete list of those idnos:

A101 A13 A18 A21c A23 A26 A29 A32 A33 A35 A35 [Wexler] A36 A37 A38
A39 A40 A41 A42 A43 A44 A45 A46 A47 A48 A49 A50 A58 A59 A6 A60 A7 A9
B22 B23 B24 B25 B26 B27 B29 B29.1 B30 C22 C24 C291 C291.2 C291.3
C291.6 C291.7 C292 C292.1 C292.2 C292.3 C293 C293.1 C293.2 C294 


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