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etcl : problem with links in etcl theme in wp3.x

Reviewed the situation with the ETCL site and the fact that none of the links work. Some generate a 404 error, others display a "What's New" page with banner and right column, but no page-specific content. Compared the production site UI and wp-admin settings with my dev site. Did a bunch of playing around with URLs and fiddling with configuration settings in the wp-admin in the dev site. Made no changes at all to the production site.

The problem seems to be an incompatibility between the WP3.1 environment (specifically the way links are handled) and code somewhere in the ETCL theme.

I will next compare the ETCL theme against the twentyten theme in the dev environment as the twentyten theme supports navigation that the ETCL theme doesn't.

I'm still not sure whether I should start with the ETCL theme and modify the php in it as needed to work with the WP3.1 API for links, (which is my preference) or whether I should start a generic theme and modify it to produce the look and feel similar to the current ETCL (except of course that the links would work).


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