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ignore .DS_Store files in svn

To tell your svn repository to ignore the eveil and ubiquitous .DS_Store files automatically (and quickly) created by the Mac OS, issue this command: svn propset svn:ignore .DS_Store . as found at


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MVP: reconfiguration of repo and addition of AT

AT will be starting work on Tarr, so I've added him to the SVN users, and reorganized the repo so Nostromo and Tarr get different folders. I've written a more elaborate set of SVN instructions, and when AT has Oxygen set up on his laptop, he'll spend some time working alongside KT to get familiar with the workflow.


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Update to PacificAsia site

...on MK's instructions.


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Mnor update to PacificAsia site

On MK's instructions.

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French site: figuring out history of Boréal/Colloquium

LSPW and I have been trying to track the history of Boréal and how it relates to the Grad colloquium. This is what we learned:

  • On the old site, there were two locations where Grad Colloquium data was stored: www/grad_colloquium, and www/web_pages/grad_colloquium. The former is a partial copy of the latter; only the latter is complete.
  • The website had information for colloquia starting in 2003; as the years went on, more and more data tended to be stored, culminating in full PDFs for all the presentations.
  • In 2007, the colloquium introduced itself as Boréal No. 1, which makes it look as though a journal issue was intended, but there is no sign that a single PDF was produced; all the individual article PDFs seem to number pages from 1. The UVic library has no catalogue entries for a journal called Boréal.
  • 2008 introduces itself as Boréal No. 2, and also has lots of article PDFs.
  • 2009 does not seem to mention Boréal at all, although it has lots of PDFs for articles.
  • After 2009, the material is not organized into folders, but there are PDFs for colloquia in 2010 and 2011.

LSPW will create a new page in current_students/graduate which has an accordion with one section for each year; the introductory material for each year can be copy/pasted from the index.php files, and links to the articles listed.


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Pic added to CityTalks site (and odd cacheing issue)

Got a pic of the speaker from KE, and added it to the site; worked fine on the www-dev location, but the www location kept showing the old page until I deleted the file, loaded the page for a 404, then uploaded again. Strange.


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Update to City Talks site

... on KE's instructions.

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Update to Beck site

At PAB's request. And some preliminary discussion of moving it to Cascade.


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Pacific and Asian Studies site plan and proposal submitted

Final tweaks received from department, and nav plan submitted to JS.


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Mallarmé: encoding rhythm

Long discussion with EDR about possible approaches to encoding rhythm. I think we should use something like this:

<metDecl xml:id="fr_ip" type="met" pattern="AAT:AAT\|AAT:AATA">
<metSym value="T">syllabe tonique</metSym>
<metSym value="A">syllabe atone</metSym>
<metSym value="|">césure</metSym>
<metSym value=":">pause métrique</metSym>

and then tie <l> tags to the specific <metDecl> using the @met they match. This would make for nice stand-off markup. We should probably actually replace the pipe with some other character that doesn't need escaping, for convenience. But looking at the Guidelines, you can't actually point at a metDecl; you have to reiterate the pattern in the @met attribute. I've already found and reported one bug in the source for the French example of <metDecl>, but I think bit of the GL needs a more serious look.

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mlahat : beanstream hashcode from cart purchase


To get this bit to work your user has to have access to the adminstration / account settings / order settings area.

You must
1) provide the URLs for working pages in each of the Approval Redirect: and Decline Redirect: text boxes. I think those URLs can be to either pages hosted within the beanstream account or on your server - I've only tested the former so far.
2) uncheck the Require hash validation checkbox
3) check the Include hash validation checkbox
4) click the update button at the bottom of the page

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malahat : hashcode problem with shopping cart

I've created a simple shopping cart, but when I try to use it to buy, I get a "hashvalue missing" error. I had a similar problem with a form hosted on their service buy created by me and solved it by including a hashcode in the submission string as the documentation suggested.
I don't see how I'm going to be able to inject a hashcode into the submission string produced by one of the forms on their shopping cart, and there's no mention of handling hashcodes in the shopping card documentation, so I've written to RE to find out what to do.
I also created a simple page on my account on the UVic server which invokes the shopping cart and passes in the item I want to buy. That works fine, but if I then go on to try and actually buy the item, I get the same error as detailed above.


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Malahat : create beanstream cart on their server

The issue with the simple form is that you'll have to write a lot of code to deal with various kinds of situations (errors, user changing their mind about items or quantities, etc.). I'm hoping the cart takes care of some of those hassles. First test is a cart using pages hosted on their server, then I'll try a cart with as many of the pages as possible (likely the product pages) on the Malahat site.

First, you've got to get the finance people to create a test account for you with the beanstream service, if you haven't got that set up already as described in the post on how to get going with a simple form.
Robert Elves has been my contact.
That account's permissions have to be set so that it has full access to the configuration / shopping cart and configuration/inventory areas.
I suspect strongly that you'll also want access to the configuration / shipping area too, but I haven't got far enough to know that for sure yet.
The procedure for the Simple Shopping Cart is described here:

I found it pretty straightforward to implement, other than I'm not sure how to rearrange the order in which the categories appear, and I'm not sure how to handle the various shipping charges the Malahat charges (e.g. the first item in any category attracts a higher price than subsequent items in the same category).


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PAS nav plan completed

Spent the morning turning the navigation plan for PAS into a spreadsheet; sent it to the team for comments before submitting it.


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paas : meet to talk about new dept website

Met with Martin and 3 people from PAAS to review site plan. Couple of issues sorted out at meeting, leaving at most a couple of open issues. Martin writing up spreadsheet and will distribute for review before submitting to communications.
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grs : review navigation plan

Met with Judy and BB to review spreadsheet of nav plan for new site. A few modifications made and a few open questions to resolve, but we're very close to submitting to communications. Judy to do follow-up.
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phil : file to write courseArray to page rather than file

I've created a file called coursesWriteToPage.php which calls the code that scrapes the UVic calendar and then rather than try to write it out to a file on the server, it embeds it in an html comment. You'd then have to copy the php array from the source of that page and paste it into the PHILcourses.php file. I updated the courses offered page to reflect summer 2012 and winter 2012-2013 offerings. The department has created a number of new courses and renamed a number of existing ones for 2012-2013. As the calendar site offers only the 2011-2012 information, those changes are not yet apparent in the calendar or on the dept site that scrapes data from the calendar. When the Uvic calendar presents the 2012-2013 info, then I'll need to go to the coursesWriteToPage.php file, get the revised php array and copy and paste it into the PHILcourses.php file.


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PAAS site project: meeting and site plan

Met with folks from the dept, and worked through their spreadsheet. I'll turn the results into another spreadsheet on Monday, and we'll get it submitted ASAP.

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Mallarmé: processed a stack more poems

Hérodiade Scène took a long time because of its speaker headings and line indents, but most of the rest were quite rapid. 47 out of 77 poems have now been processed into XML and HTML.


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