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City Talks site update

Minor update at RL's request.


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vpn : added cookie to overcome history.back problem

On the vpn-single-record page, there is a thumbnail of the page image. If the user clicks on that, then jquery launches a new URL in the "popup window" and thus adds the URL of that image to the history list. The "Back to Previous Page" link at the bottom of that page had a simple history.back() invocation. If the user has displayed the large page image, then they back button takes them to the page image and not the search results page.
So, on the vpn-search-results page I added a line of php to create a cookie vpn_search_results_url with the URL of the vpn-search-results as the value.
The vpn-single-record page has php which tests for that cookie. If the cookie has a value then the href on the Back to Previous Page button is given that value. If the cookie has no value displays a text warning to the user and lets them link to the search database page. So, for people who turn off cookies, they at least get a notice and a hard link to the search query form page.


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MVP: Versioning Machine work

My wing of the MVP project is moving forward with updates to the Versioning Machine. I've done a review of the current codebase, and identified some straightforward bugfixes that need to be done, as well as some preliminary re-working we should accomplish (moving the output to HTML5) before adding new features such as audio support. The code is already in SF, and JC will make me an admin on that project, so I'll work in that repo (after doing a quick diff against the current release in case it's out of date). We had a Skype to discuss it this morning, and we have a loose plan for moving forward.


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Updates to City Talks site

Did some more updates over the weekend and this morning, and the new version of the site is now live.


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City Talks site: tweaks to style and new content for the year

On RL's instructions, tweaked the style for the dev site, and added the new content to that site. Awaiting her OK to copy to live.


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City Talks site: new style

Worked with RL to implement her new site style for City Talks, which is now deployed on the dev site and awaiting approval to be ported to the live site. Archived the old design -- might come in handy for another site.


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Fixed a grammar error on the Greek Athenaze site...

...reported by a user, confirmed with LB before fixing.


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Project outline document for Landscapes cluster

Following my meeting with JS-R yesterday, I've put together a document which outlines everything I currently know about the work of our cluster, including some basic plans for how we might proceed, what the database might look like, and some key questions that need to be answered as soon as possible. I thought I'd do this while everything was fresh in my mind, since it will be several months before we learn the outcome of the grant application. I've sent a copy to SA and JS-R.

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Meeting with MB, and sample markup of a quotation collection

Met with MB to create a model showing markup of a sample quotation collection for the ISE. This is an anthology of selections from critical texts, and we structured the document as a single TEI file containing a text with a front and a group; in the group, each text is a cit with a quote and a bibl. For reference, the sample markup is in WorkData/ise and is called quotation_collection.xml. The schema is currently tei_all, but the plan is to mark up a dozen references and then use oddbyexample.xsl to generate a tighter schema.


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Landscapes of Injustice: meeting with JS-R

Met with JS-R to discuss the plan for extracting data from directories and budget for doing that. We decided that in the initial phase, we would focus on key areas (8 blocks around Powell in Vancouver, Hanes, etc.), and use the directories for 1941-42 and for 1949 (or possibly 1950, if the directories were published at the beginning of the year following research during the previous year). The grant section was rewritten with more detail, and I'll follow up by creating an outline of how we plan to go about extracting and digitizing information.

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