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VPN: reworked schema and more detailed output

With feedback from AC, expanded the schema a little. Then I worked on generating a personography, and linking into it using conventional methods (no private uri schemes for now). I've also created a taxonomy file for genres, which we can work together on defining.


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VPN: Generated basic schema and encoded one poem

In preparation for Wednesday, generated a basic schema using Roma, and encoded one poem as an example.


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VPN: Generating XML versions of the poems from the db

Today I did a first, reasonably good pass through generating the complete archive of individual XML files for poems from an XML dump of the db, using XSLT. There are still some major components to complete (such as the personography and the bibliography, which will be external, although key data goes into the headers of poem files), and some decisions to take around exactly what belongs in the individual headers, but the bulk of the work is done.


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MVP: A bit of work on the Versioning Machine

Fixed a bug I'd introduced (fancy non-XSLT-1 XPath), and a couple of others I'd missed (namespaces). Pages are now working OK, but the HTML5 output is not valid because of tags taht should be self-closing but aren't. Still trying to figure this one out.


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Fixes for Wheelock Latin exercises

Fixed three errors reported by a user to LB.


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VPN: Meeting and decisions

Meeting with SA and AC to plan the IRG phase of the project. 100 poems will be identified, and we've listed out some of many decisions that will have to be made with regard to preservation/reproduction/tagging of typographical features, contractions, errors, verse forms, rhyme, metre etc.

I did a test OCR using tesseract of poem #1 in the database, and did cleanup and corrections, to highlight the issues involved. The OCR was better than I expected -- better than when I tested early last year.


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MVP: Versioning Machine work

Worked a bit on the VM 5 codebase: got all the files to validate, fixes XSLT problems that were a result of using invalid XML previously, generated an ODD file and schema using oddbyexample (reporting an oddbyexample bug in the process), and reported to the team. Two tickets down, about eight to go.


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MVP: Skype meeting to plan Versioning Machine release

Met with SS, TC and DC about the Versioning Machine version 5. Created ten tickets on SourceForge for the tasks that need to be completed before we can do a beta release. Also planned a poster proposal for TEI Conference.


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Lansdowne Lectures page update

Max finished the video and HTML editing for the most recent Lansdowne lectures, and I uploaded everything to the site. While I was there I fixed all of the bits of rubbish code that ooze in to a page over time. It is now valid.


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engl : migrate victorianreview site

The old victorianreview site was a static site in the www folder in vreview on the uvic server. They had created a wordpress instance in the www-dev/wordpress folder in that same account and wanted that to become their website. I
- backed up the mysql database from the server
- ran that file through the online "serial corrector" as described at
- looked at the file in text editor and manually changed the five references to www-dev or :8080 (I think had I changed the settings in wp-admin before exporting the database, I might have been spared this step)
- uploaded the sql file into the empty database on the production server
- copied the contents of the wordpress folder from the www-dev folder to the www folder
- added an htaccess file with an instruction to force use of php 5
- edited the wp-config to point the new instance at the production mysql instance instead of the development mysql instance

Seems to be OK. Only anomalies I've noticed so far:
1) in the browser I used to do all this, when I try to browse to the new URL, I'm automatically redirected from the www folder to the www-dev folder - I think it's some kind of caching problem.
2) the home page as displayed does not seem to be getting its content from the home page in the wp-admin interface, but that might be the way they have it set up.

Asked CC to do a couple of tests and see if things are behaving normally for her.

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