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acvi phase 2 : more on stories website

Further to earlier post.

Met with JP and Pat to discuss plans for the digital stories part of this project. Site will consist of about 35 narrative stories, most of which will have features such as images, audio clips, video clips, pull-out pieces of text etc. Each will also have a collection of source documents derived from the larger set of documents they have in sync.com.

They are actively developing the material for the travelling exhibit and pamphlet to go with the 12 panels. JP has promised to deliver to us fairly mature working files so we can see the kind of treatment so that we can write guidelines for markup person and for story-writers and schema for something similar for the website.

We need to have the schema and guidelines ready by September. Will hire encoder person early in fall.

The website may include a virtual version of the travelling exhibit.


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Keats site: plan for final tweaking

Met with KB and made a plan for cleaning up bad HTML, CSS etc., and making some layout and functionality changes to the Keats site. KB will apply for a workstudy, who should be able to do most of the work, with some training and supervision; not much HCMC time will be needed, I don't think. Most tweaks are minor and will be quick to do for anyone comfortable with HTML editing.

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Latin site: work up to unit 32 pushed to server

All is working well for PC on the new machine, and he's finished 32 units, which I've pushed to the server.

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ISE: modernization scenario working (and on Windows)

Rethought the scenario to rework an old IML file to form the basis of a modern-spelling edition. I removed the XSLT completely and made it all-ant with JavaScript. This (finally) works on Windows, which was the main stumbling block.


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TCCD: questions answered

Some answers from DH on questions about the placeography. It's now converting nicely into XML, and I've reworked some of the structure to make it more sane and finally valid. Dating attributes are now on the location element, as they really should be, and I'm using the region and district elements respectively for province and riding.

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Latin site: some machine troubles

PC had to move machines, and we had trouble getting wine installed on the new one because the apt server was borked (hash sum mismatches). GN fixed it, but there was more work than expected in getting all the old data over from the old machine and arranged in the way it had bee, so it would work properly. If we do this again, I need to set up a complete working build tree in a single folder that's easy to transfer.


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TCCD: placeography basic conversion in place, waiting for some clarification

I've now written a converter for the Google spreadsheet for electoral ridings, and it seems to be working OK; there are some outstanding questions about specific instances of data (missing dates etc.), but once those are answered, I can pull that data into the repo. After that, it's a question of matching people in the personography to places, then generating JSON for the map from that combined set.


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ISE: Converting old-spelling IML to basis for modern text

Up to now, old-spelling IML texts have been processed by MB using his own tools to generate a version which forms a useful basis for a modern-spelling version, to give back to the editor. I was asked to replicate that process so that JJ can provide these versions for editors once their old-spelling version is finished. I've implemented a transformation scenario in Oxygen which uses a combination of XSLT (working on unparsed-text) and ant with JavaScript scripting to do the job. Test output is now ready for checking, and if it all works, I'll set up the scenario for JJ in her Oxygen (or perhaps create a special project file for the purpose). The code is in trunk/sgml/utilities.


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Latin Wheelock site work

Units 1 to 40 are now available at hrd/latin/new_wheelock; once approved, that set would be switched with the current hrd/latin/wheelock.


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TCCD: Preparing to take over from GL

Today I went through the process of pulling a batch of OCRed docs from the repo (already organized by AM) and turning it into TEI, then doing the name markup. As expected, the name markup takes only a couple of minutes per page; the other stuff is the difficult bit. Rebuilt the site, and then we had a project Hangout meeting and discussed CSS etc. with the designer.

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