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TCCD: More work on AJAX, meeting and map plans

Had to work around a problem with Schematron validation in the build process: the placeography and personography files trigger Schematron rules referring to each other, using a relative path, and the build process is unable to run in the context where the relative path is correctly expanded, so the task fails to find the matching file. I haven't found a way to make that work yet, so I'm leaving the personography and placeography out of the Schematron check for now.

Met with DH and devised a process for creating map popups described here. Then went back to work on the AJAX fragments, and added back in the document lists; built, tested and uploaded.


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Keats site: rolled out banner changes

Per KB, rolled out the changes to the banner, which required manual edits to all pages.


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Keats site: some fixes for KB

Worked on a couple more things on KB's list of desirable fixes for the Keats site. Changed the style of a button, fixed some individual instances of oddities, and created an experimental replacement for the current image-only page banner, using a modified version of part of the image and incorporating text. Everything is tricky and mess because Dreamweaver.


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TCCD: Meeting and generation of AJAX fragments

Brief meeting, nothing to report. Added generation of AJAX fragments to the build process for people and places, and the people fragments are now used in generating the pages, which speeds it up a fraction.


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TCCD: uniqueness of ids

I've added Schematron rules which enforce the uniqueness of xml:id attributes across the personography and the placeography, which both use the XXXX1 model of xml:id. Oxygen therefore enforces uniqueness within a single file by default, and will also check as you edit against the other file to make sure you're not assigning an id that already exists in the other file.

I've also assigned final ids to the list of added places at the end of the placeography which previously had leading underscores. Those can be linked to people with those ids now.


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VPN: Meeting re SSHRC app

Met with AC, went over the last SSHRC app responses, and discussed a new strategy.


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Latin American Studies

Received request from BAK to edit link on site to reflect current calendar.
Changes made; email sent to BAK advising site updated.

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TCCD: transforms to create spreadsheets for DH

DH wanted spreadsheet views of the personography and the placeography. I've added XSLTs to create these, along with transformation scenarios.


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TCCD: Work on map and meeting

Much progress today:

  • The JS can now find a nearest-match for a postal code rather than just failing for an unfound one.
  • The location.search can be used to supply either a place (riding) id and/or a postcode to jump to those locations.
  • Places/ridings now show a popup with basic info when you click on them, making it easier to debug.

Meeting with DH. Tasks for me:

  • When he supplies four sample people and places for the treaties, provide example encoding for them.
  • Add Schematron rules to constrain the ids of the placeography and personography so that they remain unique. This would be two separate rules, one for place/@xml:id and one for person/@xml:id. They'll need to load the other document, so look for examples of how this is done in the context of an ODD file.


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TCCD: Work on map

Made significant progress with the map today. I'm having to get used to minor changes in the way OL works due to a major version upgrade, but the overall result is positive; there are more directly-accessible features that required complicated workarounds in the past. Now:

  • The build process incorporates the map into the website.
  • The map shows points for all the riding definitions we have in the placeography.
  • You can enter a postal code and zoom to that code, which shows as a star on the map with a label.

Current problems: entering a second postal code fails for some reason; this will be something trivial, I hope. The riding points don't do anything yet, but since we don't quite know what they're supposed to do when you click on them, I'm not worried about that yet. Once I can get the postcode navigation to work repeatedly, we'll start planning the functionality with DH.

The code is still rough and commented rather than properly documented. When the functionality is fully planned I'll re-implement and document properly.

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