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TCCD: a couple more tickets handled

Fixed some map bugs due to embedding and to URLs without final filenames. Reworked the build process so that where there's no portrait for a person, the popup doesn't have a huge empty space in it. Many other minor bugfixes.


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TCCD: Added source doc citation to debate days

This is surprisingly complicated to do algorithmically, given that there are series of source documents dealing with different date-ranges, but it's now in place, and I've handed ticket 75 back to DH to complete the bibliography markup and check the results.


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Early Modern Research Collective

Received request from SB to remove/update announcements section and insert past talks on talks page.


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Corrected five more ENG500 poems

Trying to move a bit more quickly; three more to do, should be done tomorrow.


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Keats project work

The Keats project work is going to fall back to us, because VB is leaving town; in any case, we needed to take control of it in order to move it forward. Today I built the basics of a build system and a content folder with files where we can edit the content without being distracted by site chrome. I used an ODD file to create a very constrained HTML5 schema rooted on div, and created some oxygen Author mode CSS for easier proofing. So far everything looks pretty good. I think the framework pages already created will have to be discarded, but in any case it's beginning to look like it makes much more sense to build all the pages mechanically, so that's what I'm setting out to do. The original HTML was created without validation, and it's virtually unfixable.


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CityStats (=segregat): investigating current status; updating to mysqli

As part of our process to migrate dbs to the new virtual hosting, we're looking back at old DBs to figure out what's being used. I've determined that the live CityStats site is using the citystatsDSN database, not the citystatsTNG, and so that's the one we need to keep and migrate. I've backed up the other one and removed it.

I've also migrated the existing code to mysqli, which took a long time. It's not complicated but it's finnicky and not easy to automate. Then we tested on the new server with PHP 5.6 (default) and PHP 7.0 (set with a .htaccess file SetEnv UVPHP_VERSION 70). Both worked OK. Removed the .htaccess so the site continues to function on the old server for now.


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TCCD: fixes for XSLT and taxonomies

We didn't have taxonomy entries for treaties, so the build process was missing some captions it needed. I also fixed HTML bugs resulting from the new list/@rend usage, and build/uploaded the site.

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BreezeMap: abstracted strings, added onloaded hook

Added the hook for running a function after the HolLayer has been created, as tested with the Landscapes maps, and also abstracted most of the caption strings to properties in the hol namespace near the top of the file; that's not the ideal way to do this, but it's better than having them sit in the code until I come up with something better.


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German: create mysql adaptive db for servitengasse

Created mysql database based on conversations with HT and spreadsheets she provided. Reviewed and modified in collaboration with Kyle (workstudy).

Created adaptive db instance based on Martin's Potluck instance (to get mysqli connections rather than mysql connections in the code in the github repo). Reviewed and modified in collaboration with Kyle. On Friday, he will test adding records and start notes for user documentation.

Added triggers to persons and households tables to populate a "label" field used in the UI of the adaptive DB. The serv_admin user did not have adequate privileges to work with triggers, so I did this as hcmc. I would have to give the serv_admin user global SUPER privileges in order to allow for TRIGGER privileges, and I'm not willing to do that. The triggers themselves are extremely simple:
DROP TRIGGER update_person

CREATE TRIGGER `update_person` BEFORE UPDATE ON `persons`
SET NEW.person_label = CONCAT(NEW.person_last_name, ', ', NEW.person_first_name, ', (', NEW.person_code, ')');


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BreezeMap: updated for new GeoJSON RFC

The right-handed rule from the GeoJSON RFC is beginning to be enforced by validators, so I've updated the BreezeMap code to make sure it always outputs correctly. Also tested with the new OL 4.5 -- no issues so far.

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