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IMT presentation finished; presentation codebase enhanced

Completed my IMT presentation for DH, and in the process added some new features to the presentation codebase originally created for the ColDesp launch:

  • A readout at the bottom now shows the current slide # and total.
  • Unless display=kiosk is explicitly specified in the URL search, it starts in manual mode (which we use more often).
  • CSS styling for XML tags and attributes has now been added to the stylesheet, linking into a Transformer 3 sequence I've written to escape and tag XML code, to make it quick and easy to integrate code into presentations.


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Working on DH presentation

Working on this presentation is forcing me to do a number of useful things:

  • Look closely at TILE. It seems a long way from ready at the moment, although it apparently hasn't been touched since February. TEI "support" seems grafted on, and there is no actual manipulation of any of the XML in a TEI file; TILE data just seems to be injected into the unchanged TEI file in another namespace.
  • Rework my link handling in IMT. I was putting text content inside the link element, but of course it's an empty element, so that won't do; recoded the caption property so it saves and loads from @n.
  • Create a complete sample TEI file as it will be created by IMT 2. This was very useful. I have no way of doing much with it, but I can go through each of the key parts as part of my presentation.


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Created a presentation on XSL modes

Created a short presentation, without a task. It would be complicated to set up a task, and by the time we get to this, most people will probably be deep in their own projects, and either have an immediate use for it, or not have time for a task.


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