"Interviews" - Instructions


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"Interviews" - Instructions

- 4 recorders have already been set to: volume to 25; setting to "Meeting"
(don't reset to any other settings); recording room location: CLE B046

Procedure during Recording:
- 2 machines are recording at once
- 1 machine only is designated for student to control
(Students: only touch 1 button: Record - Pause - Record (All same button)
- 2nd machine is the back-up machine and will run the entire time Non-Stop (students don't touch)

When ready to start interview:

- turns on both recorders' power (power switch on side of recorder)
- places "backup recorder" on table - press record button - leaving machine in record
mode throughout the interview till end (students don't use this machine)
- places student recorder on table (screen facing student)

- press RED RECORD button to start recording
- press STOP button when interview is finished. Bring student recorder to Judy.

- stops "backup recorder" when interview is finished.
Both recorders keep in HCMC.


Connect Student Recorder to Judy's Computer:
- each recorder has a cable; plug cable into back of Judy's computer
- plug other end of cable into USB port located on side of student recorder
- recorder will automatically power up itself

On Judy's Computer Desktop:
1. See "VN8100PC" (name of digital recorder) icon on Judy's desktop.
2. - 2x click on VN8100PC icon on desktop to open
- will see VN8100PC screen with 3 folders list - see "Recorder" folder
3. Open "Recorder" folder and open "Folder A" (click once on arrow - opens - then click on
arrow to open Folder A) - see interview files listed e.g. VN810001.MP3, VN810002.MP3,
4. Select and drag interview file over from VN8100PC Screen to Judy's desktop
5. Rename that interview file now on Judy's desktop (click once, then click again in
field to rename file) with the naming convention of: student's surname_interviewee's surname_date_interview file#.
6. Open on Judy's desktop the "INTERVIEWS" folder.
7. Drag renamed interview file over to Judy's "INTERVIEWS" folder.
8. Click on "INTERVIEWS" folder to see the renamed interview file has been moved there.
9. To disconnect recorder from Judy's computer: Right click on VN8100PC icon on Judy's
desktop to disconnect.
10.Disconnect cables (from computer and recorder); put recorder and cable back in plastic
bag and lock up.

1. Plug student's USB device into back of Judy's computer.
2. Student's USB icon then shows up on Judy's desktop.
3. Under "Device" (on left of screen) see the USB memory stick listed.
4. Open on Judy's desktop the "INTERVIEWS" folder.
5. Drag specified interview file from "INTERVIEWS" folder to their USB device icon.
6. To disconnect USB memory stick right click on USB icon to "Eject"
7. Unplug USB device from back of computer, return USB memory stick to student.

Student CD-R Disk copy:
1. Insert CD-R disk into Judy's computer (with disk printed-side facing me)
2. Wait
3. "Untitled CD" icon shows up on Judy's desktop
4. 2x click on "Untitled CD" icon (rename student's CD e.g. "Interview" by clicking 1x slowly in the field then click again in the same field of the icon and type "Interview")
5. Screen window "Untitled CD" shows up
6. 2x click on Judy's desktop the "Interviews" folder to open
7. Drag interview file from Judy's "Interviews" folder to Untitled CD (now renamed "Interviews)
8. Hit "Burn" button on right of screen
9. Will ask "Are you sure....." Leave burn speed as is
10.Hit "Burn"; will go through tow times on its own (once, then again verifying) takes a bit of time
11.When done, screen disappears
12.Click on student's CD-R icon to see file has been dragged over (this is a copy, original interview file stays in Judy's desktop folder)
13.Right click on CD-R to "Eject"

Students to provide USB memory stick however CD-R used instead if USB memory stick not provided. Students keep CD-R disk.

Paperwork to be turned in:
At end of each interview student will turn in paperwork (Signed Release form)to Judy to put in desk file folder - for PL to pick up.


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